Thursday 25th May, 2023

Buzzed: MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy shunted out of Streatham to make way for the returning New Labour Golden Boy Steve Reed

“If you think Lambeth Labour has a few little local difficulties, then this is nothing compared to the meltdown of Croydon Labour”

BLOGGED: Crouching Travel, Hidden Greenery: ECC bin Active Travel

“Colchester City Council and Essex County Council – a true working partnership with both sides not at all suspicious of each other. Nope. Not here”

Album of the Day: Quicksilver Messenger Service – Happy Trails

Oh joy – another pub rock outtake. This album dragged. Complete nonsense and nothing to draw me back in. CHANGE IT.

There was a great James Acaster Mixtape on Late Junction. Plus a half decent ramble about why mixtapes remain important.

I cycled off on the Raleigh electric for a swim. I had a few errands later around town that required some heavy lifting.

I passed another cyclist along Boundary Road riding a passenger cargo bike. There was no ankle biters sitting in the front, but it was a positive sighting, all the same.

The swim was a struggle. I was one stroke short each length of where I should be. I was surprised to clock under 17 minutes for the forty lengths.

To Lidl! On the Raleigh electric!

It’s always a joy to ride this bicycle. I look forward to it. Other bicycles can be a means to an end.

Top of my shopping list for Lidl was a hammock.


The Lidl app pinged me saying that I should get a shifty on and snaffle up the discount. I walked up and down the gypo aisle, but there was no hammock to be found.

I loaded up the Raleigh electric panniers with cheapo Lidl BOOZE and yoghurt instead.

Royal Mail promised to deliver the whatever parcel that I paid extra postage on today. Royal Mail of course didn’t deliver. The Alresford sorting office is shit.

I put in the phone call asking for an update whilst sweeping up all the fallen wisteria blossom. I’m not wasting half an hour of my time sitting around in a queue.

I switched to The Word podcast on Tina Turner. I never knew that Mark Knopfler wrote Private Dancer. Or that yer girl wore a wig.

Like a FOOL I looked on discogs at prices for the British Electric Foundation album. I think I’ll give this one a miss.

My watched pinged saying that J-Roy has ditched the England ODI team in favour of some crappy US hit ‘n’ giggle. Is he even a Surrey player still?

Spotify served me up an add for a Clacton retirement home. I became paranoid about my modern interweb searches and direct marketing.

Some route planning took place ahead of the Women’s Ride Ldn that is coming to the bloody Estuary Wilds in the morning. Mistely was the plan. I may take in a quiet Little Bromley lane instead.

Attention turned to HQ early evening for the ‘rrey away against the ‘Sex in the hit ‘n’ giggle.

It was good to see Overton back wearing the Three Feathers. There was also a decent knock from TC, another Surrey player that I was beginning to think that I had imagined.