Wednesday 24th May, 2023

BLOGGED: LibDems go with Minority Administration as Labour Dither

“If there’s anything the Labour Group dislike more than going into coalition with the LibDems then it’s allowing the Tory Bogeyman back into the Town Hall”

Album of the Day: Marvin Gaye – Here, My Dear

I love the way this album blends together. It’s more like one constant stream than 13 individual songs. As a concept album, the subject matter of divorce is a little, erm, leftfield. It must have been a particularly painful divorce to stretch to a double album. The album covers is bonkers. Coked up Marv at his best.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Some Alabama 3 rarities appeared on eBay. Oh, go on then. A little wheeling and dealing later and they were ready for me to check out.

I followed Mayor Making remotely for Sunny Colch. It was most odd.

Ah, but it’s tradition, etc. Tradition is shit things that have been around for too long.

Democratically accountable politicians ponced around in silly robes. Council officials wore ridiculous wigs. Secular prayers blessed the occasion.


Back in the real world and I spent a little extra time on a Buzz story for tomorrow morning. It looks like the Lambeth patch is set to see the return of an old ‘friend.’ Pity the poor folk of Streatham. And yep, the Nu Labour arse has still blocked me.

I played around a little with Photmator in an attempt to further streamline my photo editing workflow. I can’t see what it can offer me that GIMP can’t already. I removed the app when I was asked to fork out £30 to unlock essential features.

To Alresford! …early evening.

We had another walking football training session. This was one of the most competitive in a while. A few new faces have shaken things up, adding a little grit to our team.

I’ve found myself playing further and further upfield. Modern Football bores would no doubt call me a false No.9.

I’m just living out my Nigel Clough fantasies, innit.

I was back at base in time for the second half of the Brighton Vs Man City match. It annoyed me to hear the Sky commentators talk of City dropping points in the Forest 1-1 draw.

How about Forest dropping points against Man City?

LIVE the dream, Jase.