Tuesday 23rd May, 2023

A tough run for Tuesday morning. I wasn’t feeling it from start to finish throughout the 10km along the estuary. Oh well.

Album of the Day: Solomon Burke – Rock ‘N Soul

I didn’t give this the attention it deserves – work shit, innit. From what I heard, it sounds like a monument of an album. The subtle horns on He’ll Have to Go add to the emotion of the song. Three stars on a half-hearted first listen. It’s probably worth at least one more when I get to grips with the album.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I managed to get a Thames Water engineer booked in for the flat for next month.

Gis a water metre, etc.

We tried this 15 years ago and it wasn’t possible. Thames Water has been hassling us in recent months to install one.

I can’t see what has changed with the infrastructure in the past 15 years – nothing has. But it does seem a little unfair that we’re stuck on a standard tariff with minimal use.

Disclaimer: I never wash at the flat. That’s what Brixton Rec is for, innit.

I told myself not to waste any further time chasing Royal Mail for the extra £1.50 postage I paid for an unknown item at the start of the month.

…and so I chased the extra £1.50 postage. Half an hour later and Royal Mail told me that the missing item will be delivered on Thursday.

It won’t.

I had the exact same situation at the start of the year. Since the sorting office moved out of Weird Wiv and to Alresford, they’ve been shit.

The rest of Tuesday was busy with work duties. Martin Stephenson and the Daintees was the surprise CD find from over three decades ago.

I also made progress through a pile of reggae 12’s. The curse of DJ Wrongspeed kicked in. One vinyl was 33rpm. Soft reggae sounds like a mid 80’s Bat Benatar power ballad when played as a 45.

BLOGGED: Coalition – Wot Coalition?

The AGM is going to be, erm, interesting tomorrow morning.

I did the veg run early evening. The bags are laid out in the pick up shed, each with a name label. It’s like a Who’s Who of Weird Wiv tree huggers.

*raises hand*