Friday 19th May, 2023

An empty Larkhall Park for the early Friday morning run. I’m not sure why, but it was deserted compared to 24 hours previously.

There was a lone dude shooting some hoops on the basketball court; and then a dog walker who was kicking a football for Bonzo to fetch, rather than a tennis ball.

Plus me, with a very slow pace. I hadn’t fully woken up, despite three cups of tea between 6-7am.

Buzzed: Lambeth sets out plans to use central government money to help residents suffering with the cost of living crisis

“In an effort to address the cost of living crisis, Lambeth Council has outlined its plans to support residents through the allocation of central government grants and additional funds from the Council’s budget.”

A bit more Buzzed: Lambeth LibDems select Chris French as their Parliamentary candidate for Vauxhall ahead of the next general election

“If he is to be successful at the next general election then he will need to overturn a huge Labour majority of 19, 612. Florence Eshalomi is expected to defend her seat for Labour once again.”

I made the short bicycle ride for a school day in SW9. It looked like the primary schools of Lambeth had a Dress as a Tiger Day. Stockwell Road was full of little ankle biters wearing tiger costumes.

Back in the big school and it was another mixed day with all sorts of randomness taking place. My watch pinged during guided reading letting me know that I had won a pair of budgie smugglers on eBay. A photo even flashed up, which was a little inconvenient.

Spirit in the Sky came as a surprise leftfield choice from Girl Y when asked for a song choice for some relaxing music for the session.

I got to use my ‘O’ Level drama skills as the Year 9 students ran through a scene from the Scottish Play. I ended up dead on the classroom carpet after having been stabbed by a ruler.

Meanwhile my Gangnam Style dancing ahead of a PE lesson went a little wrong. Leave all your dignity at the school gate, Sir.

I had just enough energy to make the short bicycle journey back to South Lambeth Road at school chucking out time. The Flute Man of SW8 guided me along with his customary calling tune. It was good to see Flutie again. He has been AWOL for most of the week.

Album of the Day: Supertramp – Crime of the Century

A little too clever, a little too knowing. But when it comes down to it, this is just dull music. It’s hardly rock ‘n’ roll, is it? There’s some half decent melodies in here like Hide In Your Shell. But it’s not enough to bring me back. Dreamer is a great song btw.

⭐ ⭐

To Brixton Rec! …early evening.

My Friday night middle age nightclub of choice was a booking for Body Pump with J. There’s the booming house music, the bright lights in the fitness studio and a rooftop view out across the City. My kinda clubbing.

This was the first time I have attended one of J’s classes since the Active Lambeth takeover. He looked the part in the new AL uniform.

Soon we were back in the old routine. I’ve been shouted at by J on and off for the best part of 28 years. Body Pump should be painful. The dance element certainly was. Almost three decades on and I still can’t find the rhythm.

I had to cycle past the smackheads along the Piss Alley leading from the Rec on to Brixton Station Road. They were so out of it that it wasn’t really a concern.

A female cyclist wearing incredibly high heels on a Lime bike overtook me.

Chapea, Madam!

I was back at base and showered in time to catch the second half of the Barnsley Vs Bolton play-off match. The South Yorkshire Div 1 final looks like being a tasty affair.

News dropped late in the day of a gig by the mighty Crazyhead back in the Fair City in September. Let’s get the old band back together again, lads. A road trip looks likely.