Wednesday 17th May, 2023

Album of the Day: Duran Duran – Rio

A classic album? Seriously? Style, yes. Not sure about the substance. With no shame, this was SO familiar back in ’82. I even had the poster on my wall.

Four decades later and it was a pleasant morning singalong, but nothing more. I quite like the hint of something more sinister on Save a Prayer and Lonely in Your Nightmare. It wasn’t all sugar gum pop. But it belongs in a time capsule and will probably stay there for me.

⭐ ⭐

Another day in which the taxman will thank me for, it not my personal social secretary.

Pay to play, innit.

I did manage to get out for a brief couple of laps of lovely Larkhall Park at lunchtime. Some of the banked verges of SW8 had been freshly cut. Others it seems are taking part in No Mow May.

The park was half cut – a bit like me a couple of decades ago, stumbling around lovely Larkhall, looking for the meaning of life.

Some random fella was twatting a golf ball around the park. I’m all for access for all, but Larkhall is a little restrained.

Actually, I just bloody hate golf.

Back at base and I noticed the alliums are out in the South Lambeth Road garden. They never fail to deliver. Alliums take a mathematical approach to growing. The flower head appears almost scientific.

GP was the soundtrack for the working afternoon. He played out a great interview with Linda Lewis from 2018. Some wonderful tributes followed, along with half an hour or so of showcasing THAT voice.

What a girl.

I caught the first half of the Man City Vs Real game. With the scoreline of 3-1 at HT, I switched to ‘Boro Vs Cov in the plays offs.