Tuesday 16th May, 2023

Album of the Day: Incubus – Make Yourself

I came close to bailing halfway through the first track. Horrid, horrid rock music. And then the turntable kicked in. Interesting. I persisted through until the end, ignoring the cock rock posturing, but appreciating the experimentation with the turntable. Not horrid, horrid rock music after all. Just horrid rock music.

⭐ ⭐

A day of staying in, getting my head down and earning some dough.

Pay to play, etc.

I had plenty of tunes to keep me company. It was decent to hear the return of René LaVice on the Drum ‘n’ Bass show.Yer man is more on the Jungle side of the sliding scale. None of this liquid drum ‘n’ bass, thank you. Which is a ridiculous thing to say for a 53 year-old male. But I was buzzing off me tits, anyway.

I caught up with the BBC Nottingham round up of the football from over the weekend.

BALLS to BBC impartiality. The commentary from Wembley over the weekend for the Super Pies is superb:



I managed to edit the pics from the Transpontine photo walk with the PEN F yesterday. I’m happy how the colour held up in very average lighting. The PEN F favours stretching the colour balance. These were shot in no nonsense auto mode.

full flickr

Those nice folk at Colne Radio shared a video with me. It’s a short capturing the the enthusiasm of the recent training course graduates.

My role was minimal. I was on the recruitment drive to get people signed up. Some of the personal stories about how the course has helped to change lives were genuinely quite emotional.

Lunchtime was spent giving the South Lambeth Road hedge its first serious trim of the season. I always put off the idea of doing this, but then when I get stuck in, I bloody love it.

The hedge trimmer is the Tool of the Gods for any OCD based gardener. I set myself a deadline of an hour. I made sure that I could get my hedge lines as straight as possible in the allotted timeframe.

I listened to a few tracks from the new album by Galen and Paul Simonon. It’s bonkers! There’s a Mediterranean feel to it, without losing that defining bass line from yer man.

The final audio find of the day was the Unprecedented podcast from Guto Harri on Global. It was a right pain in the arse to access this. I don’t want to give my phone number to a legacy media giant, just to try out a hit and miss podcast. A fake number and email addy seemed to fool them.

The podcast itself is, erm, meh.

It teases you with all sorts about the Boris Johnson shit show, yet doesn’t really deliver. The timeline is fucked, jumping all over the bloody in the storyline. The most amusing aspect was slipping in a paid ad for Peppa Pig World.

I switched to the play-offs instead. This is the BEST time in the football season. I’ve seen the many permutations for Forest ahead of Arsenal at home on Saturday. Three points at the World Famous City Ground will stop all this fannying about with ifs and buts.