Monday 15th May, 2023

Album of the Day: The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night

I surprised myself by not really knowing many of the songs here. You assume that The Beatles back catalogue is immersed into your brain.

But no – there are some lost gems on here that gave me a little more interest once again. Tell Me Why sounded like a new song for me. It’s a fun album, something that tailored off with The Beatles output that followed.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

To Sunny Stockwell!

Yep, that time of the week, innit.

I had the company of an over-friendly fella on the train. He took an interest in the tourer bicycle that I was transporting to Ldn ahead of a meet up with my buyer.

Technically the tourer is no longer mine. This didn’t halt the nerves when the over-friendly fella started to poke around and ask questions about the crank.

I suspect the morning diet of Special Brew fuelled the interest.

Chin chin, over-friendly fella.

He then completely ruined our new found friendship by advising me to avoid the Greater Anglia toilet facilities:

“I’ve just dropped one.”


It was a delicate ride from LS down to Vauxhall, the meet up point for my bicycle buyer. I had a very heavy Brompton bag on my shoulder.

Now was not a good time to puncture:

“Cheers for buying my bicycle, mate. Apologies about the flat tyres. Sold as seen, etc.”

This was the first time that the tourer had actually been in London. It was, I suppose, on tour.

I cycled around The Oval along the Harleyford Road. There was a mass of S Ldn kids all over the old ground and out on the wicket. It was very encouraging to see.

My classic London Knights baseball cap then blew off.


I watched as one, two and then a third car managed to avoid driving over it. A lone motorcyclists went straight down the middle and flattened it.


I met my man as planned. We sealed the deal.

I won’t really miss the tourer. I can’t remember the last time I rode it. My incredibly pointless online Daytum abacus tells me that I have ridden it 217 times since I bought it over a decade ago.

I headed back to the flat, dumped off the rather heavy Brompton bag and then set off on a Transpontine photo walk with the PEN F. My route was roughly over to Camberwell, then Brixton and back to Sunny Stockwell.

The LTN infrastructure outside Dorset Road is now finished and in place. It looks pretty smart. Camberwell was covered in a S Ldn weed fog.

The PEN F held up well. It’s a different type of photography. I’m deliberately not reviewing the shots that I take. Point, shoot, move on.

In my AirPods was the Forest On and Off the Pitch podcast, The Word on Tubular Bells, and the latest from the Deserter boys. I couldn’t cover up my laughter over a sea man joke regarding Weatherspoon’s.

To The Globe! …for the Monday evening entertainment. It may have been a little early in the season; it certainly didn’t feel like Midsummer as I watched Puck and his pals prance around at the Wooden O.

My last Globe visit was for Titus indoors at the Wanamaker a couple of months ago. I walked out at the interval, such was the painful interpretation of what should be a gorefest of a play.

Monday evening outdoors was much better. It helped that Oberon had a costume that wouldn’t have looked out of place with Ziggy Stardust.

The Globe players were two actors down. The show started around ten minutes late – something of a Globe rarity. It seemed touch and go, as one of the actors finally explained that Bottom and Hermia would be “read.”

Both stand in actors were brilliant.

There was a jazz themed angle to the production with four brass players blowing away up on the balcony.

I left three hours later with the fairy world having restored order, and L******er losing 3-0 at home to Liverpool.

All was well within my world.