Sunday 14th May, 2023

To Brightlingsea! On the Raleigh electric!

Sunday morning saw the latest round of the North East Essex Walking Football Alliance (snazzy) round of games.

The bicycle ride in was lush – or more to the point, the landscape was lush. It’s all gone green, etc.

We’ve reached that point where spring is colliding head on with the joys of summer. The Estuary Wilds weather has the balance of sunshine and showers. Perfect for green shit.

I passed another recumbent descending Tenpenny Hill as I was climbing. Having raced with half a dozen at the track yesterday, I’m beginning to think that there is something of a recumbent revival taking place.

Walking football was tough. We were short through injuries; those who did play also limped on, carrying various knocks and middle age woes.

I actually felt fighting fit. I was asked to play up front, which is something of a change. The plan was to play WAY UP front and stretch the game. It had mixed results.

We played three, won none, lost one and drew two. Scoring goals in walking football is bloody difficult.

I gave the wisteria its first summer pruning back at base.

And so it begins.

It’s an absolute BEAST when it comes to sprouting green shit every week. It’s the adolescent of the plant world, displaying growth spurts at an alarming pace.

We had a brief knock up at the Table of Dreams early evening. It was the perfect weather with a stillness all around the park. A couple of hobby Bobbies stopped to watch us play. They were treated to seeing me win 3-2.

Sunday came to a close with a sunset row with WivGigs. Late high water meant we couldn’t launch until 7pm. We were chasing the light as we headed downstream and past the Creek.

Once again both boats were out on the water. The club has been thriving post-lockdown.

The whole club is experimenting with adding a brief pause to each stroke as we complete the process. This gives an extra half a second or so of gliding, plus it looks pretty cool if carried out successfully.

The seal popped up to say hello at the mouth of the estuary. We all went home smiling ever so slightly.

A decent day.