Saturday 13th May, 2023

I sold the tourer bicycle overnight.


I’ve had it listed on eBay, FB Marketplace, as well as a few local platforms. I thought it might be a slow burner.

It waz eBay wot delivered.

And it a rather handy way as well. The buyer has paid, arrangements have been made to meet up close to Sunny Stockwell to hand it over next week.

Erm, chapeau!

I had a bit of a bicycle audit. I’ve not ridden the tourer in the past six months. There’s no need for it now I have the Raleigh electric.

One bicycle out, one bicycle in? I fell a little behind with that equation a LONG time ago.

n+1, innit.

Buzzed: Reverse Ferret from Lambeth on Central Hill as ‘regeneration’ estate set to benefit from £2m investment for new kitchens and bathrooms

“In a surprising admission, the Council acknowledges that many families living in the Central Hill Estate are currently living in substandard conditions”

The Postman Delivers: Bowie’s Space Oddity CD. That completes the run of classic albums from Space Oddity through to Let’s Dance – which is probably half a classic.

They look rather nice on the CD shelves. The spine has an old school emoji of each album cover.

I had to time trial it over to Sunny Colch for Park Run on the roadie. I was running a little late. You don’t say. It didn’t help that I got caught for five minutes at the East Hill crossing.

Too much morning porridge had been taken on board ahead of ParkRun. This weighed me down, along with what seemed like a changing wind direction at every turn.

Woh, that’s a bloody tough course.

My final time was an average 22’44”. I was second in my age cat.

More CD offers kindly came my way as I crossed the finish line. T was marshalling. She mentioned that she had a pile that I might be interested in.


Out went the shout of: To the Northern Gateway!

I had a spare couple of hours and fancied some track training whilst I had the roadie with me. I finally found a decent route over to the other side of town using the Velo Beeline 2.

There’s always a head wind whenever I’m riding the Northern Gateway track. The two turning points hit you every time. My speed dropped from 32kmh along the straights down to 24kmh.

Other riders included half a dozen recumbents. A couple were VERY pacy and were able to lap me a couple of times.

I put the roadie through its paces after the recent service. The new tyres held up well and were responsive. I stayed in the same gear throughout the hour.

30km were clocked up, averaging 28.8kmh. I now need to take this form back down to Herne Hill Velo.

I stopped off for a swim on the ride back to base. Toe jam was bloody everywhere in the gents. The pool felt cold. 1km later and then I retired to arse around in the spa.

I was back at base in time to listen to Forest away at Stamford Bridge, whilst watching Notts in the play off final at Wembley.

That was a bloody stressful afternoon. I’m happy with an away point for Forest; Notts are back where they belong – the division below D***y County.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

BALLS to Eurovision, btw.