Friday 12th May, 2023

I bought a Billy Bragg ticket first thing on Friday morning.


I can’t remember the last time I did that. Maybe for the Roundhouse about a decade ago?

Yer man Bill is playing at the Clapham Grand at the end of the year. I can walk it there and back. It seemed rude not to take part in some nostalgia as part of the Roaring 40’s tour.

I feel a bit of a fraud as it was 37 years ago, and not 40, since I first saw Billy. He’s been a constant ever since – apart from the last decade, obvs.

I actually thought he looked rather cool and *shhh* handsome on BBCQT last week.

Album of the Day: Jefferson Airplane – Surrealistic Pillow

Hippy shit fairy music. Bad drugs. Bloody awful haircuts. No ta.

Buzzed: Hakan Hayrettin looks set to stay as Dulwich Hamlet manager as the club aims for automatic promotion back to the National League South

“Dulwich Hamlet manager Hakan Hayrettin looks set to stay at Champion Hill with the club aiming for automatic promotion from the Isthmian Premier League”

A bit more Buzzed: Lambeth invites internal departments to bid for £495k of funding to help the Council achieve Net Zero by 2030

“Brixton Buzz reported last year how Lambeth Council admitted that it is not on track to meet net zero by 2050 – let alone 2030”

The new Jetpack stats are shit btw. By default they pull up weekly figures, rather than daily. I’d even prefer hourly tbh. wtf is this? Crappy legacy media?

I tried to watch a little of The Oval action with the ‘rrey meeting up with the ‘sex.

S Ldn rain, innit.

Instead the Sky team had a half decent conversation with Stewie and Captain Grumpy talking through their t20 concerns. It’s a bit late now, fellas. That horse has already bolted.

Dotty brought in a mouse mid-shave.

Oh dear.

I was too vain to break away from my shaving routine. Ten minutes later and I managed to rescue Mr Mouse and release him in safe spot outside. Clean shaven, as well.

I caught up with some Forest Forever podcast action. There was a look back at the Southampton game, as well as a preview of Chelsea away tomorrow afternoon.

Christ, that Southampton game was bloody stressful viewing. I’m still feeling it four days later.

I managed to tackle my tax return late afternoon. That’s the earliest it’s ever been filed. I’ve had a change in the structure of my work over the past year. I wanted to firm up the tax figures with what I had anticipated would be heading my way.

I was bang on the money, so to speak.

I had to deliver some work training late in the day. I confess to always struggling with this.

We watched the Surrey highlights later in the evening. Rory is a fantastic skipper, despite the haircut.

I ended the day buying another gig ticket.


Baxter Dury will have the pleasure of my company at the Roundhouse in October.

It felt like winter for most of Friday. I might hibernate for the weekend.