Thursday 11th May, 20223

Buzzed: Lambeth Council considering installing utility metres in only some properties affected by huge price hike

“Lambeth Council is considering the installation of meters in only 1,300 out of the 3,500 properties affected by skyrocketing utility charges.”

Album of the Day: Circle Jerks – Group Sex

14 songs in 15 minutes. Barely enough room to breathe. The Spotify ads lasted longer. I listened to this album three times. I still wanted more. Punk’s not dead, etc. It’s available for £15 on eBay…

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I managed to book a spot for the Brixton Rec 5-a-side next Wednesday at the Rec. The pitch has been closed for refurbishment for the past six months or so. I’ve missed the mixed game that I stumbled on over on the footy addicts site.

The symmetry also appeals to me. I was playing Wednesday evening 5-a-side at the Rec back in ’95 when we first moved in to Brixton Hill. Almost thirty years later and the legs are still holding out, still patrolling that midfield.

Uncle Joe’s Rock Art and the X-Ray Style CD made its way to the top of the To Listen pile. Willesden to Cricklewood remains a favourite. Strummer’s post-Clash career was so overlooked. He was making albums for himself, not giving a shit and exploring new styles. It often worked well.

I sent out some eBay offers on various items I’m selling. Five minutes later and my phone pinged with news that I had made the sale on a batch of reggae 12’s. I hesitate to sell any vinyl – especially reggae 12’s. But these are bloody awful digi reggae at it worst.

Rain Watch took up most of the morning. I wanted to escape for a swim. I waited until one particularly heavy shower had passed, and then cycled around the University en route to the pool.

Christ, that was a shit swim.

There’s no such thing as a bad swim. Apart from this morning.

Look, if it said Fast Lane, then it means that it’s for fast swimmers, not walkers. I was shunted down to the general swimming space.

I thought I would be considerate and slip in along one side of the pool and do my thing, taking up very little space. But then some old moany twat got all territorial with his flappy flappy breaststroke and decided to splash into my limited space.

Back at the lovely Lido we have a name for this arsey behaviour: Pub Lunch – someone who is a bit of a Ploughman.


I was cheered up on the return bicycle ride back to base. I passed an adult woman riding a bright pink tricycle down Boundary Road.

Chapeau, Madam!

An offer came my way for a Notts ticket for Wembley this weekend. I had considered going, but shitty engineering works has made it almost impossible.

We had an all agency AI webinar late afternoon. It was very decent with some sharing of ideas about how we can use AI in a positive way with our work. I was encouraged with the talk of workflow optimisation.

I shared the example of how I’m using Chat GPT in schools. I’ve worked out that it’s saving me at least four hours per day as part of the publishing process.

An email dropped from Table Tennis England.


Talk about selective marketing.

There’s interest in pitching in for Ldn to host the World Championships. I was asked to complete a questionnaire as part of the feasibility.

One of the questions asked: which player would you pay to watch at the World Championships?

I couldn’t name a professional player. I answered: Jason Cobb.


Thursday evening was spent watching West Ham whilst listening to a Dulwich Hamlet Fan Forum that dragged on for far too long. It was a useful conversation, but the three hours could have been condensed into half that time.

I might have to optimise my workflow to get the Buzz story out in the morning.