Wednesday 10th May, 2023

Album of the Day: David Bowie – Hunky Dory

For some reason I use to think this was a Bowie album from the second half of the 70’s. Pulling off the feat of reinventing himself during such a short space of time is incredible. It makes this early 70’s Bowie achievement all the more spectacular. It sounds like an album from an artist who is already a star. In his own mind, he probably was.

The voice has a sorrowful lull that draws you in. There’s humour as well. But it’s the quality of the songs from a relatively unknown at the time that still stand up. Remarkable.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Wednesday just happened with not a lot happening.

aka work.

The bloody Estuary Wilds weather promised sunshine and showers. I had plans to head outside briefly and capture the wisteria with the PEN F under the glaze of the sun. But the showers started whenever I was free.

I played the FGTH Sex Mix CD’s. I confess that my To Play pile is currently toppling over with around 1,000 CD’s.

Oh dear.

I’ve put the brakes on buying up anything new, unless an absolute cheapo bargain comes along – or I have a weak moment and cycle off to the ACE second hand shop in Frinton.

You need a system; everyone needs a system. My system of trying to rotate the 1k+ CD’s has clearly failed. Instead I’m focussing on one piece of music at a time. This week it’s FGTH.

There’s some great mixes on there, along with some embarrassing spoken words when they are interviewed by Paul Morley.

The divisions were evident even then. The interviews were carried out along the lines of Holly and PJ, and then The Lads.

See what they did there?

I surveyed the garden briefly. I seem to have fallen into No Mow May by mistake. I can’t be arsed to tidy all the shit up. It will be good for the bees, etc.

Goggle Cal flagged two events: The Wedding Present and then Blur at the Sunny Colch Arts Centre next week.


I’m not going to either, natch. I’ll be back in S Ldn, plus the minor issue of the Blur tickets being the Sunny Colch equivalent of Willy Wonka gold dust around the town / city right now.

Twenty three years ago (TWENTY THREE!) and both the Weddos and Blur played on campus at the University in the same week. We went to neither, but had tickets for Jon Fat Beast instead.

Hey hoe.

A return to walking football ended Wednesday. We played 4-a-side. It was tough work. There’s a good team spirit though ahead of the next round of competitive matches away at Brightlingsea this weekend.

And yeah – I scored.