Tuesday 9th May, 2023

I watched the Forest highlights first thing, just to prove that last night actually happened.


That was some World Famous City Ground moment. I’ve gone from Forest are fucked, to Forest have a fighting chance. But there’s plenty more hard work to come. Ideally we’ll be waving farewell to L******er and DIRTY Leeds in a couple of weeks.

Album of the Day: SAULT Untitled (Black Is)

I lose track of all the SAULT albums, they’re that prolific. But I remember how Black Is dropped at the right time in 2020. It could already sound a little dated, but sadly the issues are still there. The DIY beats add an urgency. The vocals are lush. It drifts a little towards the end. An important document of 2020 though.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I finally got a £3.50 refund from eBay on The Fall CD that failed to turn up. That was an effort. Look after the pennies, etc. I seem to be doing a lot of looking after the pennies right now.

And with perfect timing, Strava emailed, informing me of the expected price increase. It’s now £54.99 per year – which I still think is worth it for the pro model. Comparing previous runs and bicycle rides is very pleasing.

I signed up for the pro version in a fit of rage after cancelling my Labour party membership due to to idiotic leadership. Strava’s price was pretty much on par. I’d wager that I’ve got far more joy out of Strava in the past year than I would have supporting a right wing party.

Two further emails dropped: one from Active Lambeth, one from Better. They’re the same thing: your membership is about to expire.

The whole taking of the leisure contract back in house has been a complete fuck up from a customer service POV.

Two more emails then landed from Active Lambeth, both in relation to questions I raised over a month ago. It looks like Tuesday morning was admin morning at Active Lambeth HQ.

I’ll renew the membership at the expense of the lovely Lido this season. I can’t justify swimming membership in the bloody Estuary Wilds, the Rec, the Serpentine AND the Lido. Something has to give.

The Lido gives me most joy, but it comes at a high price. The bargain £20 PER ANUM at the Serpentine will see me through the summer months when I’m not having more tattoo ink action.

I listened to the Garibaldi Red podcast reflecting on the Southampton win. It’s been great following these the morning after this season. Podcasts are perfect for making an immediate connection with a fanbase in real time.

It was a bloody pain heading out for the lunchtime swim. I didn’t want to go, but only had a spare hour and a half in the day. I knew that if I didn’t get my shit together then I would be stuck indoors.

I missed the heavy rain overnight. The water butt was full as I went to fetch my MTB from the shed. The Trail was also a heavy ride with plenty of puddle dodging.

I never really got going with the swim. It was so lethargic. I was surprised to see my Garmin clocking under 17 minutes for the 40 lengths.

Album of the Day Extra: The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed

Finger picky music. This surprised me. I was expecting an album of rallying calls after opening with Gimme Shelter. It sounds like sessions or even outtake’s. There’s a great sax sound on Live With Me. Midnight Rambler doesn’t half drag on, mind.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐