Monday 8th May, 2023

A Bank Holiday Estuary Wilds 10km run first thing on Monday. I headed out along the river towards Alresford. The trail was dry until I reached the woods. It was a little too muddy for my box fresh trainers and my own OCD nervousness.

I passed Mr Mule cycling in the other direction as I headed back to Weird Wiv. He looked rather majestic, every inch the Man in Black. I’m still rinsing The Days of May daily throughout the month.

Time was tight with work beckoning. I put my foot down. This led to a final time of two seconds off a PB for the circuit.

Work was seen to, time for a bicycle ride. A and I rolled out on a Bank Holiday BONER on the Raleigh electrics. The aim was to beat the rain.

We had fancy plans for a 60km circuit taking in Dedham and then the other side of Colchester. But like a daft twat, I had forgotten to eat breakfast.

Oh dear.

We kept it short with the Lawford 35km route. The lanes were busy with other Bank Holiday riders. Road signs are in place ahead of the Ride Ldn closures come the end of the month.

There was a mini lake close to Lawford. A had no shame in riding straight through it. I was of course far more OCD cautious. I sacrificed my bicycle shoes for the bike itself. The shoes help up watertight as I carried the 28kg BEAST over Lake Lawford.

Bluebells came into our sight as we approached Elmstead Market for the return stretch. Somehow we also ended up with a sprint finish back to base. A switched from Eco to Tourer mode. I raised the stakes and went one higher with Turbo. She couldn’t resist the Sport assisted finish.

Whatever, luv.

A brief knock up at the Table of Dreams followed. My tactics were to tire A out on the bicycle ride, and then SPANK her at the wiff waff.

It worked.

I won a wind assisted game 5-1.

The eBay emails threw up a Giant ONCE frame in pristine condition. Buy It Now for £85 – which is a bit of a bargain. But I’m after the full bicycle with the matching yellow livery wheels and the original groupset.

Tempting though…

Some lol L******er action followed back at base. Plus also watching Millwall fuck it up in the play-offs. The Championship is a BONKERS league. Please let’s not revisit it.

Which brings us to Bank Holiday Monday evening and Forest.


That was batshit crazy, yeah?

I’ve not been so excited since watching Forest beat Everton in the Simod Cup Final at Wembley. And that ended 4-3 as well.

Two Stars on the Badge.

I hope anyone isn’t stupid enough to write us off, etc.

Oh yeah – it was great to see FGTH back together again, even if it was as part of shitty Eurovision. The live (ish) version of Pleasuredome may not have been a world beater, but that doesn’t take away from the magnificence of those first four singles.

The animals are winding me up.