Saturday 6th May, 2023

I managed to doge the showers and get in an Estuary Wilds 8km run early on Saturday morning. ParkRun was out of bounds – some stupid stunt of shooting off cannons for some shit or other.

My legs felt heavy with the second consecutive day of plodding around the University. A couple of ducks were slowly making their way across Boundary Road. I tried to speed them along. Their legs looked as heavy as mine.

I spent five minutes chasing £3.50 that is owed to me by an eBay seller who didn’t deliver. That was five minutes too long. But Im a persistent f-er.

To Sunny Colch! Via train!

I had to head into town / city to pick up the roadie that had been serviced. The new tyres that I requested were fitted. The only other work that needed doing was a new cable gear.

Rain was expected and I had a return train ticket. But I was keen to try out the roadie. I made a quick dash for Lidl. The tyres felt smooth and responsive.

Lidl was a bit of a result. My frequent use of my Lidl card last month meant I had a £2 voucher, plus 15% off dental goods. I fear the latter was selective marketing at me personally.

I pressed on and headed back to base, keen to avoid the rain. I knew this was going to be a lucky day when seconds after riding over the railway crossing, the barriers began to close.

I passed some fella riding down Boundary Road wearing a Crass T-shirt.

There Is No Authority But Yourself, etc.

Chapeau, Sir!

The bloody bells back in Weird Wiv were giving it some serious Coronation shit. STFU.

Pomp and Pageantry can piss off. I had the perfect escape: a seat booked in the Republic Row crew. That flushed the believers and non-believers out within the rowing club.

I was on wader duty. This meant getting RUBBERED UP and living out all sorts of fetish fantasies. This included holding on to the boat whilst the other crew members climbed aboard.

I was also on first stroke for most of the row. I set a decent pace, but made sure it was suitable for the new member we had in the boat.

We made good progress. Time and tide allowed us to go up the Creek. We had a paddle or two.

The incoming tide carried us back to the Sailing Club in no time. Once again I wadered up and ponced around for a bit.

Some brave fella was pumping up his paddle board ahead of an early season dip.

I was back at base in time to catch DIRTY Leeds.

Well that was a shame.

Meanwhile, Relegation Monday is looking bloody awful. Leicester, Everton and then Forest.


We headed out to the Sentinel Gallery to take in a little local art. There was a fantastic exhibition from two artists capturing Colchester past and present. The detail in some of the line drawings was impressive. There was even a magnifying glass to help you zoom in.

I played the FGTH Sex Mix CD’s. Frankie were BOSS for around 18 months. Following up Relax with Two Tribes was quite a feat. I’m trying to master Two Tribes on the bass.

Oh – FUCK your stupid Coronation.

There. That told them.