Friday 5th May, 2023

BLOGGED: March of the Dull: No Change in Council Election Results

“Sometimes democracy is dull; sometimes dullness helps to guide you through what is a difficult path ahead. No seats changed hands in each of the 13 wards”

Plans for a morning swim were abandoned with the forecast rain. It didn’t rain. Oh dear. And so a run instead.

I set off plodding the mean streets of CO7 as the secondary school bus was departing for Brightlingsea.

My teenage fashion days are long behind me.

Or are they?

It seems that the cool look ROCKING NE Essex this term is tight trousers above the ankles, and a pair of white socks. I like to think that I was a leader in the style tribe back in, erm, 1982.

Still got it, Comrades. Still got it.

The run was OK. I was blanked by three separate runners that I passed and gave the head nod to in solidarity. You get a much more social type of runner back in S Ldn.

*head nods in agreement*

The freshly ploughed mounds of soil in the Estuary Wilds fields calmed me down. They were most pleasing to my OCD eye.

I pressed on for the full 10km route. I felt good. I looked shit. My running top was inside out. I only realised this as I stripped off for the shower back at base.

Maybe that’s why I was being ignored by my fellow runners?

Album of the Day: The Pharcyde – Bizarre Ride II

I quite enjoyed the humour on this, along with the samples. There was a decent jazz vibe to some of the tracks. I found it hard to locate any reference points. This sounds like a unique album. Unfortunately it’s also far too long. Plus some of the lyrics haven’t aged well.

⭐ ⭐

Robert Elms had a great Linda Lewis tribute on BBC London. I loved the description of “funky folk soul.”

What a voice, what a lady.

I had a late call up inviting me to join a rowing crew. Mid-morning work responsibilities were dropped. I headed down to the Sailing Club for the launch.

We had two boats launching. I think the Friday morning thing has become something of a weekly social routine for all the skivers and bum dossers in the club. It’s a badge I would be proud to wear.

It was hard work heading downstream against the tide. We ventured in Varuna / Verruca as far down as the Creek. A friendly inter-club sprint took place with Audacity. We managed to be back on dry land ahead of the downpour.

The Postman Delivers: Eno’s Science album. I picked this up dirt cheap – £1.49. I’m not sure why it was sold so under value. It certainly helped to justify the purchase with my current DON’T SPEND MONEY mantra.

Album of the Day Extra: Doves – Last Broadcast

Woh. This was LOUD. There’s a great 60’s garage feel going off. There Goes the Fear is close to perfection for the period. The best guitar bands always come from a dance background. I do miss Doves.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The Strava stats dropped for April. It shows that I cycled, ran, swam and walked 460km. I hope to see this rise over the summer months.

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