Thursday 4th May, 2023

A brief Larkhall Park run to start Thursday morning.

I passed some fella carrying a cat carrier rucksack with a cat inside. There’s no other way of describing it: a rucksack that was also a cat carrier. It’s the first time that I’ve seen something like this.

The park was busy at 7am with runners. I had only had time for two circuits. I quite enjoyed the challenge of pressing ahead and overtaking one fella, and then keeping my distance for the rest of the route.

If the roles had been reversed then I would have thought the other fella was being a right twat.

I also passed what looked like a pet wolf being walked. It was of course a dog, but one that I wouldn’t want to offer a friendly tummy stroke to. I’ll stick with the cats, thank you.

A brief shower, and then a full on school day in SW9. Highlights included a brilliant basketball session with the Year 10 students.

One of the class members scored the most spectacular own goal by shooting at the basket at the end he was suppose to be defending. It was on par with a notorious korfball club incident that is still spoken about today, almost 30 years later.

Messy play maths was just that. There’s only one way you can experiment and compare water capacity – and that involves playing around with different amounts of water. I did well to come out of this relatively dry.

Some online interest came my way for the FUCK OFF cactus I’m trying to sell. Not so genuine was the offer to buy my tourer bicycle. I was asked to pay some insurance costs up front first. These would then be refunded.


I didn’t hang around at school chucking out time. I had been summoned back to the bloody Estuary Wilds.

Oh – so soon?

The Flute Man of SW8 was AWOL as I cycled along Clapham Road. I did clock four S Ldn yoofs on hacked Lime bicycles making an almighty clanking sound.


My tan tyres on the Brompton felt smooth riding CS7. The Brooks saddle was a good fit, although it needs a little adjustment to change the riding position.

I was out for the count as soon as the train left LS. I slept through past Chelmsford. I had planned a C’MON THE ‘RREY passing through. It looks like it was a BOWLING DAY and the Surrey boys didn’t need any further encouragement. We’re hopeful of a trip at some stage this weekend.

It was decent to be back in the bloody Estuary Wilds during daylight and all the spring nature shit taking place outside. Daisy and Dotty were also waiting for me.

I had a near miss with some school pics dating back to 2012 that I had to retrieve. Hurrah for Time Machine.

Back ups of back ups of back ups, etc. And then back them up one more time for good measure.

Thursday evening was spent trying to get excited about Brighton Vs Man Utd. Forest remain heavy on my mind. Big old game coming up on Monday.

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