Wednesday 3rd May, 2023

It was worth LEAPING out of bed to check the April Premium Bonds results. Oh. OK. Well it all adds up.

The Postman Delivers: a new membership card for Cycling UK. It’s £50 well spent for the third party insurance alone. Plus the monthly magazine is VERY sexy.

Album of the Day: Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River

It all comes down to the voice with Credence. John Fogerty certainly has the lungs, but not the subtlety for my liking. All you need to know is that the album highlight is the instrumental Broken Space Shuffle.

I’ve added an extra star for Bad Moon – not so much for the song, but the memories from An American Werewolf in London.

⭐ ⭐

Late Junction was decent. There was a mixtape from Lonnie Holley. Pharaoh Sanders featured, which is always something to smile about.

I had a tired bicycle ride towards the pool. I wasn’t feeling it this morning.

This all changed once I hit the water. Fifty power lengths of freestyle followed. The aim wasn’t for speed, but everything fell into place. I was six seconds out for ducking under 19 minutes for 1km.

I was tempted to press on and see where my momentum would take me. I then smelt the Make Up Lady in the lane next to me. She was fully dressed up with bright red lipstick, eye make up and the most shitty smelling perfume.

Time to leave.

Album of the Day Extra: The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

I came close to refusing to listen. How many times do you need to hear Pepper to accept that it’s half decent? But I gave in, hoping to hear something new. I can always come back to the White Album, Abbey Road, even Let It Be. But I’m not sure that Pepper has the long lasting quality. It’s more of a project than a tight rock ‘n’ roll album. She’s Leaving Home still gets me.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Both cats were sunbathing all day. Dotty was in the garden, whilst Daisy took up a window space indoors.

I noticed some bluebells growing wild in the garden. These are new. I’m all for penny pinching when it comes to anarchic gardening.

We’ve also reached the tipping point in the calendar where we need to water the garden most evenings. The BIG BAD water BUTT should see us through for a few more weeks.

Out went the shout of: To Sunny Stockwell! …early evening.


I have a busy school day in SW9 come Thursday morning.

I wasn’t the only Brompton Boy boarding the train at Weird Wiv. Some fella lifted his lovely white frame on board the 6:23. We were quite a black and white pairing.

The second disc of The Beatles Red Album kept me company on the train. From Help to In My Life – it was a dreamy listening experience. I drifted off to sleep shortly past Chelmsford.

It was a windy ride from LS back down to Sunny Stockwell. My Redwings cap almost came a cropper crossing at Ldn Bridge.

I caught the second half of the Man City Vs West Ham match. The Hammers should be clear of the relegation dog fight. But when you’re scrapping down there you have all sorts of horrid thoughts towards teams that you can usually tolerate.

Football brings out the best and worst in some people, me included.