Tuesday 2nd May, 2023

The ONS Covid shit email dropped first thing. No more swabs, no more fiddly pin pricks. Blood out of a stone, etc.

Also no more £20 voucher each month.

Instead there was a race to the end to fill in the online form about my movements over the past month. I am a man of routine. My movements over the past month haven’t changed in the past decade – Covid shit or no Covid shit.

Doom and gloom landed in the form of another Garibaldi Red podcast. It’s amazing how much pessimism you can fit into a podcast that stretches over an hour long.

It’s still touch and go for Forest. I’d say 50/50 that we avoid another season playing Preston away.

I thought at the start of the PL campaign that we would finish 15th and possibly be safe by now. It’s going all the way down to Palace away, innit.

I missed out on a rare Alabama 3 CD on eBay. I put in a snipe for £3. It went for £3.50.


Elsewhere and ‘operational issues’ were given as the reason why a couple of Fall CD’s haven’t shown up. The seller has previously delivered. Not so this time. Refunds are on the way.

A returned from a full on day of silly golf. I downed work tools. We disappeared for an early evening knock up at the Table of Dreams.

The sun was blinding at one end of the table. We rotate after each game. The player with the sun staring them down lost each game.

We were tied at 2-2. I had the glare of the Estuary Wilds sun for the decider. It was an epic game, involving a table invasion by the local Cubs.

I somehow pulled away, taking the game 16-14.

We picked up the weekly veg from outside the chicken run. I kept on walking with plans for some classy PEN F black and white shots. I had forgotten to charge the battery.

Oh dear.

I thought I would be ultra cool and watch Boreham Wood Vs Barnet. I played it safe with Arsenal Vs Chelsea instead.

This has been a bonkers PL season, from top to bottom. It’s NUTS that Forest are only 9 points behind Chelsea.