Monday 1st May, 2023

A return to the Estuary Wilds running route. Pinch, punch, etc. Which must mean that the path out towards the Creek has dried out and is suitable for running, right?

Yep, there was FIRM land along the Muddy Banks of the Colne. I passed the public pontoon as the rowing club were pulling over in Audacity. I gave a Royal wave.

Who’s that running, nutter?


I reached the Creek and turned off for Alresford. Ford Lane was looking beautiful with bluebells.

Back at base and Strava tells me that I was a minute off a PB for the 10km Estuary Wilds route.

Album of the Day: Leonard Cohen – Songs From a Room

Well this was an odd one. I don’t think my head was in the right place for a singer songwriter on Monday morning. I could have done with some proper BANGERS instead. Leonard doesn’t bang very well.

I failed to keep up with the ideas and lyrics. I’m sure it has its place and time. But that wasn’t Monday morning for me. I also prefer how his voice scaled down in later years. This is a little busy.

⭐ ⭐

Worker’s Day.

Which must mean I am working.

Hey hoe. Pay to play.

I splashed out on £1 for a Now TV Sky Movies offer. I’ve blagged three months on the cheapo deal so I can watch all sorts of shit. I added a diary reminder to cancel in three months time.

If it’s the 1st of May then it must also mean that it’s fine to play Mule’s Days of May. It’s a stunner, possibly his most beautiful song. I’d never tell the old boy to his face. It’s impressive that it’s on Amazon Music.

A was playing silly golf all day whilst I was keeping the online wheels of industry turning. She returned late afternoon with plans for wiff waff. We waited and waited for the rain to clear.

Finally we had the blue sky for a Bank Holiday knock up. Some fucker has been treading all over the Table of Dreams with their muddy size 10’s.

We wiped down the sacred surface.


It was a competitive match. We called it quits at 3-3 with the skies beginning to bruise once again.

Some random asked if he could buy my Radiohead early 90’s promo pic for £10. I replied, pointing out that it’s listed at £15.

Like I’d ever do anything as cheeky as that.

Monday evening was spent watching A’s Blue Nose lot slug it out against L******er. I was sitting on my hands, wanting a draw. And preferably some red cards and season ending injuries.


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