Sunday 30th April, 2023

Sunday was spent rolling out with the Sunny Colch CTC crowd.


It was decent to see A at the 9am meeting point. The poor fella has been most unwell. All day bicycle riding is off the agenda for him. He was able to make the short cycle journey to greet us before we departed.

We took in the very scenic route of… the back of North Station. Gawd, that’s a shithole.

But not for long. This was a means to an end to point us in the right direction of a most welcome bicycle path.

I had a bee in my helmet shortly after hitting the countryside – or maybe it was a been in my bonnet. I impressed myself by being able to unstrap, release the bee and then put the helmet back on whist still moving.

The route out towards Abberton Reservoir roughly followed my own movements around this patch, except in reverse. It was confusing seeing the landmarks pass you by from a different angle.

I was riding on the 28kg Raleigh electric. This didn’t stop the display clocking up 45kmh during one descent.

Mid-morning coffee was taken at Abberton Nature Reserve. There was plenty of birdie types around.

I was particularly impressed with one fella who had a camera with a body covered in military style camouflage. Betcha the birdies would appreciate that.

We cycled on to Mersea and made the island hop. The run in to the Strood was bloody awful. This stretch is full of dickhead motorists. One road in, one road out town, innit.

Lunch was taken down by the beach. It was a busy Bank Holiday weekend on the island.

I took a slight detour from the main bunch for my ride back to base. I was back home earlier than expected. I was able to catch the YT stream of the Essex Rebels women away at Leicester in their WBBL quarter final play off.

The girls looked impressive taking a twelve point lead into the buzzer. In traditional Rebels style, they fell apart for the next two quarters. The game went in to OT. Of course the Rebels lost.

In Lidl Nozzle News: my new Lidl Nozzle for the outdoor hosepipe fits and works a dream. That was £3.49 well spent.

Out went the shout of To the Cricket Club! …mid-afternoon. Wivenhoe Town Second XI had a home game. At least that’s what Mr Twitter said. We rocked up to find an empty ground. Oh well.

We walked over instead to The Table of Dreams. I had to ask a gathering of skunk toters if they would mind moving so we could use the table for the purpose it was intended. They were actually very polite.

I wasn’t so polite in my table tennis. I WHACKED A 4-2.

A short Weird Wiv photo walk with the PEN F followed. I activated the grid display. I’m hopeless at lining up shots so they don’t look like the subject matter is about to fall off the edge of the world. Hopefully this will help.

The annual Albion Music Day was in full swing at the Rowhedge boozer on the other side of the Muddy Banks. It looked like it was thirsty work for the large crowd.

We returned home to find some ultra shitty sports car with an open top and leather seats parked outside. We encouraged Dotty to go and explore and do her best.

Another complete back catalogue of Sleaford fucking Mods appeared on eBay.