Friday 28th April, 2023

Rain postponed a planned early morning session at The Table of Dreams. We took the second kayak down to the storage space at the Sailing Club instead.

Once again it involved carrying a small boat over a railway crossing. It was a little tricky locking the two kayaks together. Our lock was tight, but we made the connection.

With the back garden now finally free of water craft, I sprinkled out the Patch Magic on the lawn. It looks limp and ineffective. Past experience has told me that in six weeks time, a forest will have grown over the balding patches.

Buzzed: Photofusion set to move into Brixton Rec as Lambeth Council cuts corners on funding for Station Road project

“The Brixton Rec Cultural Quarter project is continuing at a pace – despite a few snags in getting the scheme up and running. Photofusion is set to be one of the anchor tenants in the basement of the Rec. Meanwhile Lambeth is cutting a few corners when it comes to funding for the building works”

Album of the Day: Bruce Springsteen – Darkness on the Edge of Town

There’s not a lot of fun happening here. The album title explains it all. Bruce is best when he’s being Bruce – pumping the air and living the American Dream. He’s down on his luck on Darkness. Badlands and Promised Land stand out. But elsewhere and it’s tough going.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The great Simon Inglis was a mid-morning guest with Robert Elms. The Football Grounds of Great Britain (original edition) remains one of the few books that I have read cover to cover, more than once.

The occasion with Elms was the 100th birthday of Wembley. This of course is a folly; Wembley is no more. Instead there is a space age stadium with an ever growing mini city being built around it.

Inglish mentioned “pissing in the concourse” at the old Wembley. It’s always amusing hearing Elms have a slight meltdown whenever a guest utters a mild profanity.

Buy yeah – the old Wembley was one almighty piss alley disguised as a football stadium.

I had my fifth consecutive lunchtime swim. I struggled to find any enthusiasm. The water was cloudy yet again for the 50 lengths.

Some good owd Essex boy tried to wind me up in the changing rooms:

“Have you been knocked off your bike yet in that London?”

THAT London. Oh do fuck off.

I explained that cycling in London is a joy with the Cycle Super Highways, Quietways and LTN’s. I mentioned how refreshing it is to have a progressive city that understands and promotes active travel.

The good owd Essex boy left without saying goodbye.


Prediction: the wisteria will EXPLODE this weekend. It’s tantalisingly close. It needs one day of solid sunshine and it will be in full bloom.

I caught the final session of Surrey away at Edgbaston. The ball by ball commentary and multi-cam angles on YT is fantastic. The game is poised evenly going into the weekend.

Blackpool Vs Millwall ended Friday. I’d LOVE too see Millwall disrupt the PL next season.