Tuesday 25th April, 2023

A return to The Table of Dreams on Tuesday morning. It’s been a while.

There was early morning frost on the shed roof as we set off. The Table of Dreams was in decent nick. It didn’t need a wipe down.

The park was showing signs of spring. The leaves are on the tress and the grass had been freshly cut.


It was a wind assisted match. We both started a little rusty, but soon found our form again. I walked away with a 3-1 win, albeit with some confusion over whose turn it was to serve at a crucial point in the match.

It was my turn. There.

Album of the Day: Morrissey – Viva Hate

Was it still acceptable to like Mozza at this point? I lose track. Bengali in Platforms in a recruitment track for the Nazis, right? How the hell did he get away with this?

The singles stand out. Suedehead floats from start to finish. It’s close to the perfect Mozza track. Ditto for Every Day is Like Sunday.

The rest of the album is still something of a climbdown from The Smiths – although they were well past their sell by date with Strangeways. Oh well. What a talent, what a waste.

⭐ ⭐

An email dropped sharing details of the new secure bicycle hub in Sunny Colch. I’m very interested in this. The town / city isn’t the smartest place to lock up any bicycle. My Brompton and Raleigh Electric go nowhere near the place.

The idea is that for a small charge, you get to lock up your bicycle indoors in a completely safe, monitored place.

It was a little fiddly installing the app and verifying who I was trough passport and facial recognition. But then again Bike Thief Scum are Bike Thief Scum. You take no risks.

The price is pretty amazing as well – £1 on a pay and lock up basis. I’ll definitely be using this.

In More App News: Surrey finally dropped a dedicated app in the App Store. It’s been filed under the name of Kia Oval, which is a little confusing. Betcha they use it to pump out crap plugging the silly Hundred.

The lunchtime swim was functional. I cycled along the Trail on my summer MTB for the first time this season. It rode incredibly well after being in storage throughout the winter months.

The Trail was also holding out well after the recent resurfacing. It’s now fine to ride 24 hours after a downpour. Previously and the slightest shower turned it into a Glasto style mud bath.

Forest continue to frustrate. wtf is going off with JonJo Shelvey? In Cooper We Trust, etc. But I can’t but help feel that Shelvey will be a half decent Championship player next season. The January transfer window was a complete fuck up at The World Famous City Ground.

I had a brief kayak sortie down at the Sailing Club. We’ve paid to store the kayaks. Finding somewhere to put them is proving a right pain in the arse. Which is odd, seeing as though the Sailing Club gladly took our money.

I’m taking a DIY ethos to get this resolved.

I noticed the lack of local election boards around the town. The election is only a week away. Usually this time of year is useful in knowing who likes to broadcast the fact that they vote for a particular party that has proven to be persistently embarrassing when in local government.

But given that it’s now a one horse race around here, it’s perhaps no surprise that the passive aggressive billboards have disappeared.

I tested the limits of bicycle mechanics late afternoon. I’m thinking of selling the Dawes tourer. I’ve no need for this now I’ve got the Raleigh electric. But there’s not way I’m selling a bicycle that has a Brooks saddle that is worth half the price of the frame.

Operation Fit Brooks to the Brompton was hatched.

It can’t be that tricky, can it?

Yeah, right.

I had fifteen minutes of huffing and puffing. I pulled up a couple of YT vids. These cleared up my errors. The Brompton was good to go.

The temptation
To take the precious things we have apart
To see how they work
Must be resisted for they never fit together again

…as Uncle Bill once sung.

We cried off watching Wivenhoe Town early evening. It was too cold. We’re old. So there.

I went through a pile of reggae 12’s instead, with half any eye on DIRTY Leeds Vs L******er.

LIVE the dream, etc.