Sunday 23rd April, 2023

Some old school peer to to peer downloading to start Sunday. I’m playing catch up: Billy Valentine, Shame, EBTG and Sleaford fucking Mods.

Adding music to an Apple Watch remains a bloody fiddly thing to.

The plan was to set out on a run around the University powered by UK Grim. The Sleaford fucking Mods album title also describes the weather. I left the transfer taking place and headed out to try and beat the rain.

This was my first time around the Estuary Wilds Waddle route for a couple of months. It was a little… dull tbh. There’s far more to see and take in around the mean streets of Clapham.

I struggled a little, not finding my stride until the 7km mark. I made it back to base just in time to drown out the bloody church bells with some Sleaford fucking Mods.

Daisy did a most un-Daisy thing by bringing in a bird. The Diet Girl is transformed with a new lease of energy.

It was quite spectacular watching her hunt. She saw the bird on the lawn, and then without hesitation bolted out of the cat flap and pounced on the prey.

We managed to free the bird from her jaw. He was a clever fella and found his way to fly out of the house again.

Sunday was then all about waiting for the rain to stop.

It didn’t.

Plans to photo the inter-club rowing race were cancelled, much like the race itself. My trip to see F in her new record shop will also have to wait for a non-rainy day.

I bought 5TB of storage. Just like that.

I need to free some space on a MacBook Air and my iMac. 5TB for some file shifting should be suffice.

A made some turnip soup. It was tastier than it sounds.

#lolspurs was entertaining early afternoon.

I then went on an eBay blitz, listing loads of items to help fund the recent purchase of the PEN F camera. An old Nikon lens was the pick of the bunch.

Some crappy band promo shots from the early 90’s were not so sexy. I did manage to sell a Rick Witter press shot within minutes of listing it though.

Oh – Dotty is enjoying the world’s most expensive cat scratch pole, aka as the new settee.

Hey hoe.

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