Saturday 22nd April, 2023

To Weird Wiv! VERY early!

Oh dear.

The rather unsocial start time to Saturday morning even fooled my weather app. It was showing the forecast for ‘tonight’ rather than the day ahead.

The short walk to Stockwell tube was eventful. The Flute Man of SW8 was nowhere to be seen. Instead there was the waifs and stragglers from the night before.

There was still life around the outskirts of The Swan at 5am. I felt VERY old, and also relieved that my age means those days are long behind me.

The fried chicken shop was doing a roaring trade. I don’t think this was the breakfast meal for the customers. Likewise for the street food van outside the tube. Do those guys ever close?

I kept my distance on the Northern Line from the 5:30am party crowd heading back up to N Ldn.

LS at 6am on a Saturday morning is a very relaxed affair. The Greater Anglia train back to the bloody Estuary Wilds was running late, natch.

Soon I was hitting the outskirts of Essex. There was a heavy fog as suburbia then became the countryside. It looked more like mid-September than the start of spring.

OH HAI Weird Wiv. Have you missed me?

The feeling’s mutual.

The wisteria at least looked excited to see me. We should hit peak wisteria in a couple of months.

I’ve not seen Diet Girl Daisy in over a month. Blimey, that girl has lost weight. I almost didn’t recognise her.

The Postman had Delivered in my absence: a huge great pile of CD’s.


These include Baader Meinhof, a couple of Lowgold, Prefab’s Megahertz, C-Mone and The Jam’s Gift.

Oh – and the Michelle Shocked that I was concerned about why it was so cheap. The CD of Short, Sharp sells for around £15. I paid £3.

The listing said CD; vinyl was delivered. Which I’ve already got. It’s one of those rare occasions where the CD is worth more.

I managed to get a refund and no return straight away from the seller. I’ll see if F wants a freebie copy for her new record shop in the town.

My postal vote for next month was filled in with little thought. Vote early, vote often, Comrades.

The rest of Saturday was spent putting the house back in order and suffering another Forest defeat. At least we went down fighting with the 3-2 defeat at Anfield.

22,000 steps were clocked up mainly indoors today doing domestic chores. Which I somehow doubt.

Saturday came to a happy clappy close playing the Baader Meinhof CD. I LOVE a good old concept album about an East German anarchist cell.