Friday 21st April, 2023

A lame Larkhall Park run for Friday morning. Time was tight and I couldn’t be arsed. Twice around the mounds of Larkhall, that’s yer lot.

I never really got going. I felt tired and didn’t pick up the pace. Only the appearance of the drizzle on the final lap led to me putting my foot down.

I was a poxy one second faster compared to a pre-injury run on the same route back in October.

Small gains.

The rest of Friday was a bit of a whirl with a full on school day in SW9.

Boy Y was asked where eggs come from in a food tech lesson:

“The supermarket.”


It was a bit of a chicken and egg situation.

Much of the day was spent indoors with wet breaks and wet lunch. I caught myself drifting in the staff room.

I tried to get my surroundings and remember where the old school building was on the footprint of the lovely new modern build.

I was completely lost. The new building is huge compared to the compact old site. Yet still there is plenty of outdoor space for the students. It’s something of a Tardis site.

Work wise was fine today. I persisted with the f717 camera rather than the PEN F. It’s a great little camera that serves my work purposes perfectly. I know exactly how to get the shots I want out of it in a school situation.

I walked back down Stockwell Road at chucking out time. I heard the Flute Man of SW8 before I saw him. Flutie has actually ventured as far down as the Lansdowne Way end. He’s also added singing to his repertoire.

Album of the Day: Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Destruction

I came close to my perfectly acceptable ALL METAL IS SHIT approach, DO NOT LISTEN. But GNR always had a little more. I’m not sure what this is. All the usual metal tropes are there: screaming vocals, no soul, everyday sexism. It’s only the singles that stand out for me. The rest is just noise. And pretty dumb stupid noise at that. No ta.

⭐ ⭐

The SEVEN week (gosh) Transpontine holiday by mistake comes to a close tomorrow.

Oh dear.

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