Thursday 20th April, 2023

Some shitty script kiddie tried to access the admin for one of my sites overnight. Wordfence held up well. I didn’t hesitate to change the pw, vanity url, and then run a Wordfence scan.

I could have done without this first thing ahead of a demanding school day. I bloody hate the modern interweb at times. I’m getting too old for this shit.

Buzzed: Photo Feature: Track League returns to Herne Hill Velodrome in South London with regular Wednesday evening top level track cycling

The school day in SE21 started on a downer due to the shitty script kiddie. But it soon picked up.

Most of my time seemed to be food tech or art based. It was all good fun.

I made the right decision not to road test the PEN F camera in a school environment. I ended up covered in flour and paint. I looked like I had survived some medieval punishment.

The sixth form drama session was decent. I won the golden ticket for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Actually, everyone won the golden ticket for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. But that didn’t detract from my surprise.

Chat GPT was playing games a little later in the day. It’s now started to make up the names of teachers as well as offering up some quotes as to how they think their lesson was received.

Steady the buffers, fella. Too much information, etc.

I managed to blag a late afternoon trip out with the charming sixth formers down to Brockwell Park. I love those dudes. I’ve known many of them since they were in Nursery. The summer term is always the toughest as you know what’s coming at the end.

I cycled back to Sunny Stockwell and managed to beat the rain. The Flute Man of SW8 was back in his prime position along the Clapham Road, back charming the traffic.

Each day the front garden along South Lambeth Road now needs a sweep. SO much crap gets blown in. If you don’t keep on top of this then it becomes a dumping ground.

I try to rationalise the FILTH of others by remembering it’s the wind blowing all the crap in, rather than people mistaking my garden as public bin. But if they didn’t drop it elsewhere then it wouldn’t get blown my way.


Album of the Day: Nightmares on Wax – Smokers Delight

I enjoyed this after a batshit work day. It was just what I needed to declutter my mind. The tunes and no lyrics had a calming effect. It was a little too sparse in places. I bet it makes more sense if listened to through the prism of the album title. Aye

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

There was a Liverpool preview on Garibaldi Red.

“It’s not at all terrifying.”

Nope. Not much.

Forest haven’t won at Anfield since 1969 – that’s not in my lifetime.

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