Wednesday 19th April, 2023

Buzzed: An overcast spring day in Stockwell captured in black and white glory

A bit more Buzzed: No change to the Lambeth Cabinet as the Labour Administration sets out its priorities for the year ahead

“If you are a Labour Councillor without a title these days, then you must be worried”

I had another rush hour run around Clapham Common. It’s not ideal, but it was all I could manage with work timings.

The stretch from Stockwell tube to Clapham North left me dodging the growing stream of Bright Young Things from SW4 walking down to grab a seat on the Victoria Line.

I found a gap between the pavement and the road – itself now heavy with the wonderful sight of the S Ldn rush hour peloton. At each set of lights there must have been 30+ bicycles.


I also passed a couple of S Ldn yoof cycling off to school with a Lime bike hack. At least they’re cycling.

Bluebells were out on the Common. So was the ever present smell of S Ldn dope. It’s easy to be judgemental. But smoking some top grade skunk at 8am? A little early for festivities, etc.

I added the Larkhall bolt on. I thought I was in for a fast time as I made the detour down Jeffreys Road with Larkhall on my radar. Strava tells me that I was 12 seconds of a PB.

Whatever, Strava.

Album of the Day: The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society

Clever lyrics and some interesting themes. This requires your full attention. I was unable to give it this today. I kinda get the nostalgia fest. It probably made more sense in 1968 than 2023. I don’t want to go back to a bland world of black and white and shitty suburbia.

⭐ ⭐

Even more Buzzed: Lambeth Children’s Services told they “require improvement” once again as Council consider response to Ofsted report

Blimey – one more Buzzed. I was on a roll this morning… Lambeth Council announces modifications to School Street scheme to further improve safety for school children

I listened to Pele’s Fireworks debut. This completely passed me by 30 odd years ago. Frontman Ian Prowler is playing at Colchester Arts Centre next month. The very, very decent Arts Centre podcast has a preview interview with him.

I was always aware of Pele, but never really dipped in any further. As a 20 year old pre-modern interweb, my musical choices were a little stunted.

Sure, you can read about all these cool bands in the inkies. But a £10 investment for a CD was quite something back then.

These days I give it a quick spin on Spotify, and then snaffle up a £3 copy on ebay.

UP YOURS, music industry.

Fair Blows the Wind for France was the only track I recognised. Bob Elms plays this regularly. It’s quite a romp.

It was a welcome distraction from the mid-morning work. Part of this process requires me to look and engage in photos of alcohol, or people enjoying alcohol.

I’m going through another random sobriety period. I last had some BOOZE when Newcastle beat Forest – and even then it was only two bottles. I had plans to hit the BOOZE at the cricket last weekend, but it just didn’t happen.

Looking at alcohol content online at 10am is a welcome reminder of what I’m not missing.

Chin chin.

BLOGGED: Bus Station, Net Zero and POTHOLES in LibDem Manifesto

“Note the emphasis on cross-party working. ‘cos the LibDems – AND Labour – are not going to form a majority administration in Colchester anytime soon”

I had some more Gilles Peterson catching up. He had a great tribute to Jah Shaka. Carole King spoke eloquently about the S Ldn blues parties where Shaka first made a name for himself.

There was a brief Buzz outage in the afternoon.

Oh dear.

I constantly live in fear now of the modern interweb fucking up. I’m getting too old for this game. I’ve done all my learning and just want to, y’know, live.

I had a little time to catch up with the Panorama LTN programme from Monday evening. Christ. That was shitty.

Remind me never to watch mainstream telly again.

wtf were they doing allowing arsewipes like Katie Hopkins and Laurence Fox have airtime?

Defund the BBC, etc. Except for Robert Elms. Oh, and the ball-by-ball Surrey commentary. Plus GP. And Radio Nottingham’s superb coverage of Forest.

Anything else?

My utility company mailed saying that I need to increase my direct debit. No I don’t. The figure they suggested is the exact same amount I’m already paying.


To Herne Hill Velo! For Wednesday night TRACK LEAGUE!

I rolled out along South Lambeth Road en route to HH, and had to take a gasp as a very confident cat was plodding along close to the road.

Steady the buffers, fella.

I wanted to try out the PEN F at le Velo under fading light. I set the controls to burst action, as well as increasing the shutter speed. It held up rather well.

full flickr

The Devil’s race was great fun to watch. Absolute chaos on the finish line every lap. Track racing is the BEST.

I passed a bloke riding a Lime bike yet again on the ride back down to Sunny Stockwell. In the basket carrier was… a kid. At least they’re cycling, etc.

Oh – has anyone seen the Flute Man of SW8 of late? He appears to have gone AWOL since the start of the week. Maybe he’s joined up with the AWOL pissing dwarf of SW9?