Tuesday 18th April, 2023

Buzzed: A photo walk around Stockwell and up Brixton Road on a stunning early spring afternoon

I was on hold to Active Lambeth for far too long on Tuesday morning. What I wanted some help with couldn’t be achieved online. The on hold hold music for the next fifteen minutes was marginally better than…

Album of the Day: Sheryl Crow – Tuesday Night Club

I’m not a fan of this form of storytelling in a song. Too many wordplays, too many clever tricks to and disguise the blandness of the music. Tell It Like It Is, etc. Run Baby Run is a half decent tune. It would make for a good song in the end credits for a crappy soap. The Na-Na Song is lame. Nothing more than a piss poor Subterranean Homesick Blues.

⭐ ⭐

My Active Lambeth issue was finally sorted. I was good to go for the mid-morning swim at Brixton Rec.

Aqua Aerobics was taking place in the main pool space. This was a new one for me at the Rec. Unlike back in the bloody Estuary Wilds, there was still plenty of space to put in a power swim in the middle lane.

The water was cloudy; I suspect it was dirty. By labelling it as cloudy I am at least making an effort to overcome my own worst OCD fears.

It wasn’t a spectacular 1km swim, but it did the job. There’s no such thing as a bad swim.

I had a little spare time and so headed out to Windrush Square. M has previewed an immersive exhibition on Buzz celebrating the Brixton Uprising back in ’81.

This was great! It’s basically a portacabin in the middle of the square dressed up as a shoebox. The exhibition is called A Mile in my Shoes.

Clever, eh?

The idea is that you select a pair of worn shoes, put them on, and then listen through some headphone as the original wearer of the shoes tells you about their experience of the Uprising.

I fell over this process at the first hurdle. I’m sorry, but I’m not wearing a pair of shoes that were worn by GAWD knows who back in 1981. I opted for the headphone only option instead.

I got lucky with Lee. His story opened with Smiley’s Cockney Translation as the intro. He then spoke in great detail about his own journey from the Frontline to helping out in the Youth Service:

“Life is very different for someone in Brixton compared to say, living in the Essex countryside.”

Erm, Tell It Like It Is, Lee.

I cycled on to Brixton Cycles. I had a WEIRD mechanical on the Raleigh 20. The bracket holding the rear brakes in place was close to falling off.


All it needed was a tighten up with the correct tools. I didn’t have the correct tools.

Hurrah for Brixton Cycles!

They really are the best, and have been throughout the past three decades. I left feeling a loved as the Brixton Cycles staff took a special interest in the Raleigh 20. I’ve finally arrived in the cycling world.

I played around a little more with the Pen F back in the flat. I’ve managed to map the second function button so it now has a short cut for the digital tele convertor.


That will save a little arseing about when I’m out on a shoot and can’t be bothered to scroll through the endless menus.

I had some GP catching up. Yer man had a great interview with Billy Valentine. Robert Elms also highly rates the comeback (of sorts) album from Billy. I lined it up for a listen later in the day. It’s got a crazy cover of Sign ‘O’ Times.

There was a free hour late afternoon for another photo walk with the PEN F. It wasn’t the Sunny Stockwell conditions of yesterday. I decided to test out the Mono option on the camera.

Time was tight. And so was the light. I headed up Stockwell Road and towards the Skate Park. There’s always something different and interesting to snap along here.

Poor Kermit along Stockwell Walk has been tagged to fuck. I’m pleased that I captured the little green fella in all his colourful glory on past shoots.

I was weary of walking past the SW9 school. They think I’m BONKERS as it is with my camera obsession. I didn’t want to play to the gallery. I cut through the backstreets opposite the Skate Park and ended up along Clapham Road.

The Pen F held up well. I was tempted to try playing around with the metering. The camera did all the hard work and found the right balance that I wanted.

I did mess up my forgetting to turn off the sequential shooting function. Even though I only took one shot, for some strange reason two are recorded when shooting in P mode. That made for a little added wasted time deleting these files back in the flat.

full flickr

BLOGGED: Moore or Less: Code of Conduct Breach Goes Unpunished

“Despite these findings, Conservative Councillor Moore has announced that she will not be standing for re-election next month – which is convenient”

In a moment of desperation, I went through the entire Forest squad and came up with a revised list of what I think is a TRUE Forest squad. It was either that or watch silly Chelsea in the CL.

By TRUE Forest squad, I mean who will actually give a shit when we face up away at Plymouth Argyle next season?

All I could come up with is Cook (who actually isn’t even in the PL squad), Worrall, Williams, Toffolo, McKenna, Boly – possibly, Colback, Yates, Awoniyi, Surridge and Mighten.

Which isn’t a great deal different to the promotion squad of last season.

Oh dear.

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