Monday 17th April, 2023

There was the most amazing cat scrap at the back of the flat to start the new week. I heard the familiar call of a cat shitting itself. I looked out the back and saw the carnage.

There’s a pair of cats, barely out of their kitten days. They’re either brothers or sisters. Or maybe even a brother and sister. The freakish thing is that they look like mini-me versions of Daisy and Dotty.

VERY mini-me when it comes to Daisy.

Anyway, they were working together as part of a tag team to try and get rid of a absolute UNIT of a bully boy who has strayed onto their patch. It was fantastic to watch the teamwork in action. They took it in turns to poke and prod the bully boy.

Back in the bloody Estuary Wilds and the only teamwork from Daisy and Dotty is the 4am wake up call.

Like a FOOL I read Forest Twitter first thing. That was painful. I cheered myself up by watching some of the Clough stories on the Chippers YT channel.

Album of the Day: Jeff Buckley – Grace

I picked up a cheap copy of this but have always struggled. I can’t hear how it’s the masterpiece that many claim. I’ve not really listened to it in isolation. I’ve had things going on whilst this is in the background. I gave it a proper listen this morning. No distractions, just the music. It’a not bad, but I still can’t hear that magical sound that many pin upon it.

⭐ ⭐

BLOGGED: Local Tories Pledge to “Make Colchester More Roman”

“We’d be keen to hear how the claim of keeping our rivers clean and tidy matches up with Tory MP Will Quince and his consistent voting against environmental measures”

I turned to Andy Kershaw Plays Some Bloody Good Music throughout the morning. He does exactly that. There’s talk of the random recordings going behind the Patreon paywall.

I should cough up. But I find the problem with repeated Patreons and Subsacks is that I’m paying more than I use to pay for shitty legacy media.

Buzzed: Lambeth LibDems call for three-point plan to tackle the “shambolic” launch of Active Lambeth

“The LibDem have highlighted the example of how badminton tariffs for over 60s who were formerly ‘senior’ members, with GLL rising from £6.20 per hour to £14.09.”

I was free mid-afternoon for a Sunny Stockwell photo walk. The S Ldn blue skies were ideal shooting conditions to try out a new tricks on the Pen F.

In my AirPods was some Robert Elms catch up. He had Gilbert and George as guests last week. They’re great fun, even singing Underneath the Arches live on air.

My walking route took me through the Conservation Area, towards Slade Gardens, up Brixton Road, briefly through Kennington Park and then back down Clapham Road and on to Lidl.

ALWAYS on to Lidl.

I’m finding the Pen F quite a physical camera to use. This is a good thing. The point and shoot set up means that you have to get up close and bend down to frame the composition you want.

I’m definitely doing the point, shoot and move on sharpish thing. There’s no time to go back and review what you’ve shot. One take, hit and miss. Editing can be done back indoors.

The plan is to use this for mainly street photography. But that takes BALLS to shoot randoms. Plus it’s a little rude, not to mention slightly dangerous around Sunny Stockwell. But I’m getting there.

Robert Elms switched to a 70 minute Garibaldi Reds podcast as I approached Kennington Park. Christ, that was depressing. Forest are fucked. And so are Everton and now DIRTY Leeds, but not to the same level of fuckness as Forest.

My mood was uplifted with the inevitable dope cloud that hung over Kennington Park. There was even some male topless sun bathers.

I hit the school run back down Clapham Road. The SW9 school run now includes cargo bicycles. It’s a bloody brilliant thing to see.

full flickr

I arsed around a little with the PEN F snaps early evening. There’s a bloody annoying functionality where the meta data is automatically imported as part of the image file name.

This means that when you upload to flickr, WordPress etc then you get a stupid OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA tag appearing in the text. This could be a right old problem for my school work.

Lightroom has a work around. But I’m not paying for that shit.

I ran the WordPress image code through Chat GPT and asked it to remove all the meta data. It did this, but it’s still an extra step in the workflow that I could well do without.

I then found a WordPress plugin.


Watching DIRTY Leeds lose sent me to bed feeling slightly happier than when I woke up.

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