Saturday 15th April, 2023

Like a FOOL I decided to do a factory reset on the PEN F camera to kick start the weekend.

Way to go, Jase.

I can’t even remember now why I did it. I think it was because I enabled one function that I couldn’t then disable. The reset led to another half hour of putting in place all the previous settings that I had wiped out.

Never take the easy route. Nope.

I listened to Ryuichi Sakamoto’s B-2 Unit whilst pressing away at the buttons. Asking Chat GPT to recommend the must listen to music by a particular artist is my current fave query.

I switched to Robert Elms. He played The Pretenders’ Brass in Pocket. I wouldn’t put it a top 10 of the best singles ever, but y’know. It’s just so DREAMY. It’s almost the perfect pop song. There’s nothing you can improve on.

The Sunny Stockwell sun made a surprise appearance mid-morning. I’ve been waiting for this for the past week. It was my signal to get out and road test the PEN F.

A brief Larkhall Park photo walk took place. Twenty three years ago and I did the exact same thing when I bought my first f717. I wonder if in 25 years time I will have a tech draw stuffed with a dozen or so PEN F’s?

It was lovely around Larkhall. A couple of S Ldn yoofs were knocking up with wiff waff. This is something I’ve missed as part of my two month (gosh) Transpontine holiday by mistake.

I had a quick shifty at the snaps back in the flat. The richness of the colour in the PEN F is outstanding. And that’s with only Auto selected. I’m excited about what I can learn and achieve.

full flickr

To The Oval! …shortly after luncheon. The old ground REEKED of dope. At least it’s keeping in character with the rest of S Ldn. All we need now is some dive bombing parakeets mid-wicket and the picture is complete.

I picked up the Surrey Yearbook at Reception. We’ve got quite a collection all filed away now in what we optimistically call our Surrey Library. If you want to know what Jade Dernbach’s average was in the 2009 Championship season, then I’m your man.

There was a decent weekend crowd for Day 3 of the Hampshire home game. I was wearing a cycling sweatshirt and carrying my bicycle helmet as I made my way past the Peter May Boys.

“Tour de France mate!”


There was a hardcore fancy dress fella. I’m not sure what he was dressed as. Maybe a bottle of tomato sauce? I still don’t understand why attending a cricket match leads some people to acts of extrorevtism. Just watch the bloody game, innit.

Another dude walked past me wearing dungarees. I’m not sure if he was in fancy dress or not.

Surrey were on form for the hour and half or so in which I stuck around. The third wicket after luncheon led to my first C’MON THE ‘RREY shout of the new season.

It was GLORIOUS in the Peter May sun trap. The flats behind the OCS stand had the first balcony viewers of the season.

I was tempted to stay for the duration of the afternoon. But I’ve got all summer for this.

To Dulwich! For a relegation battle!

It was another sell out at Champion Hill for the visit of Taunton Town. There were huge queues outside ahead of kick off.

The shift in demographics for the Dulwich support is quite incredible. It feels as though you are walking down the King’s Road. Another dungaree dude made an appearance, natch.

I met up with M as we tried to find a suitable spot to snap away. THREE Brixton Buzz snappers were covering this game.

Dulwich were effective, if not outstanding. Taunton were down to ten men in the second half, making the result a formality for Dulwich as they keep their head out of the relegation doomed bottom four.

It’s pretty harsh having four teams going down. Imagine the stress levels for Forest if this was the case with the big boys.

I was back in the flat in time for the Grand National. Or rather I was back in the flat, I put on 5Live and then refused to listened. I find the Grand National heartbreaking these days.

I shunned Man City Vs L******er in favour of Notts County Vs Woking instead.

LIVE the dream, Jase.

Oh yeah. NEVER forget where I was with my Fair City pals 33 years ago today.