Wednesday 12th April, 2023

The early morning reading was a Cycle UK review of the new Titanium Brompton – 7kg and a cool £4k.


The weight isn’t an issue for me. By the time I’ve packed half my life away in the front and rear carriers, then you can probably double the gains made by the Titanium frame.

I’m not sure that any non-electric bicycle is worth ££4k tbh.

I had a rush hour morning run around Clapham Common. This is always the worst time to run. You’re dodging the Bright Young Things of SW4 as they make their way down to Stockwell tube.

The Deep Level Shelter at Clapham North has had a fresh whitewash. It’s ripe for tagging. I’m hoping that some more creative street art appears soon.

I passed some poor fella who had punctured and had pulled over for a DIY repair right outside the Clapham North bicycle shop.. If that was me then I’d admit defeat and head straight in there.

I added on the Larkhall Park bolt on. The overnight rain meant another steeplechase and launching myself over some large puddles. OCD works wonders in keeping your running shoes box fresh.

The grass was being cut around Larkhall. There was a lovely spring smell in the air. Plus a little S Ldn dogs shit added in for good measure.

The run went well. Strava tells me it was my third fastest time around the Common and Larkhall route since I started recording back in 2013.

Injury, Wot Injury?

Album of the Day: Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill

My only memory of this album is getting pissed at lunchtimes as a 16 year-old whilst working on the record stall in the market. The local low dive boozer that specialised in under age serving had a video jukebox. The lead singles from Licensed were on rotation.

Three pints of lunchtime lager, some Beastie snarling and I was KING OF THE WORLD and ready to take on the afternoon shift with added bile. How very Beastie Boys. Oh, it’s a bloody good album btw. SO much fun.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

To Piccadilly! Or To St James’s at Piccadilly! …to be more precise.

I wanted to see the Stories from the Burial Ground exhibition before it closes.

I use to spend my lunchtimes around this patch back in the Universal Music days. And then the dotcom bubble burst. POP.

It was such a quiet outdoor space in the centre of town for reflection. But of course the obligatory street food stalls now dominate the space.

Sanctuary was found within the church. There was a lunchtime piano recital taking place, natch.

The exhibition was more educational than artistic. The back story involves the Parish of St James buying up burial ground up at Euston back in 1788. Which is a little odd in itself.

Fast forward to 2022 and the HS2 excavations in N Ldn have led to some historic findings. Bones of parishioners who are long GAWN were matched up with notable local names.

These are presented in the form of life size 3D cardboard sculptures. I suspect clever 3D printing is in place here.

The figures are placed around the pews. There’s some short bio information about each character. One of the stories involves a pet parakeet. This at least poo poos the Hendrix parakeet urban myth.

I cycled on through town and made my way over to the LSE. The library is now the home for the Green party archive. This is celebrated in a short exhibition with some key artefacts on display.

It was a bit of a pain gaining entry into the public exhibition. My student look days may be long gone. But the website did claim this was an OPEN exhibition.

One security fella insisted that the exhibition was closed to the public. He wouldn’t allow me access to the main library space. I think he was as confused as I was. The exhibition was actually at the front of the library. I had walked past it when entering the space.

It was a small, but powerful collection of Green party history. This included the original People party manifesto from 1974, an Ecology party membership card and a Green party beer mat.

Chin chin.

There was a whole section handed over to Greenham Common. I was surprised to read that the peace camp was still around in some form as late as 2000.

I made a dash for it back down to Sunny Stockwell with rain in the air. I had Lidl Gypo Aisle issues once again. A 30% red sticker discount on a cheese pastie wasn’t recognised at self-service. I stood my ground.

The Elon Musk interview was in the background whilst I worked away in the afternoon. This was BATSHIT viewing.

Wednesday evening was spent wearing my bloody Estuary Wilds hat as I followed the City Council Cabinet meet from afar.

BLOGGED: Achievements & Challenges as Cabinet Wraps up the Year

“The budget was a very difficult process. It’s quite an achievement to look at the progress we have made. The financial conditions have been the most difficult we have faced.”

I also spent a significant amount of time putting together a major Buzz story. I hope to get it published tomorrow.

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