Sunday 9th April, 2023

I set up Amazon Photos as a dumping ground back up option first thing on Sunday. I left it ticking away all day, uploading 75k+ files. My workflow now means that I’ve got back ups of back ups of back ups. I should be covered, YEAH?

The S Ldn Easter Sunday sun was too strong to resist. I headed out for another run – my third in consecutive days.

I’ve resigned to not swim again until the inactive Active Lambeth app gets its shit together. The pricing structure seems to change by the hour. Lambeth really are total fuck ups when it comes to serving residents.

But anyway. The run.

It was LOVELY.

It’s great to be out pounding the mean streets of SW4 and not being too worried about picking up injuries. It would have been even better if I was running with a dog. Some fella ran alongside me with his Bonzo bouncing along attached to a waist lead.

I have serious dog envy. My time and tide lifestyle wouldn’t support this right now.

The sun was on my face, the Easter Sunday roads were quiet. I had enough time to bolt on the extra Larkhall Park circuit. Some Sunday morning sunbathers were already starting to stake their claim on the Larkhall mounds.

I came close to hitting my daily steps target with the run alone. My Garmin is pinging me each morning congratulating me on reaching the count. I changed this so that I have a more realistic and challenging 10,000 steps per day to achieve.

A brief South Lambeth Road garden tidy up followed. An outdoor morning gospel session was taking place in the Baptist Church. It was preferable to the bloody bell ringers back in the Estuary Wilds.

To Champion Hill! Dulwich Hamlet had a home game against the table toppers Ebbsfleet. I met up with D inside the ground. It was really chilled and a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Ebbsfleet were strong. They looked like a well trained and organised football unit. Dulwich made a game of it. A 3-1 scoreline in favour of the visitors seemed about fair.

I cycled off back to the flat with the sun still strong. There was some sort of open afternoon at a nearby kid’s adventure playground. At least that’s what I thought it was. Kids were playing on the climbing frames whilst some BOOMING voice over a PA system was lecturing them about sin.

Religion is very, very odd.

The roads were still quiet through Camberwell. This is usually bottleneck most weekends.

I was back at base for the Liverpool Vs Arsenal match. I’m still hurting from Forest yesterday. The Premier League can do one.

A little more experimentation took place with the PEN F camera. I’m of the mindset that I need to read the manual from start to finish before I’m let loose in the wild on a shoot. I’m about a third of a way into it.