Thursday 6th April, 2023

News of a new Dexy’s album dropped with a ping from R first thing. This was a great way to start the morning.

I’m ROCKING that dressing gown look. Yer Man Kev meanwhile looks like Quentin Crisp let loose along Whitechapel High Street in the video.

Album of the Day: Silver Jews – Bright Flight

This was a pleasant way to ease into the working morning. It didn’t really deserve any more of my attention though. The vocals sounded too slow and laid back for my liking. It felt a little too retro for retro sake.

⭐ ⭐

I headed out for a short run around lovely Larkhall Park. I’m still not convinced that my calf injury has completely cleared up. I decided to play it cautious with the piss poor 2.5km route.

It was also a morning for wearing shorts and a short sleeve running top. The sun appeared as I pounded past the majestic Stockwell Bus Garage. It was a bit of a brutalist religious moment for me, seeing such a spectacular building lit up in the early morning sun.

On the next census I should put down ‘Stockwell Bus Garage Believer’ when asked about my religion.

Some morning reading followed. I’m catching up with a stack of Cycle UK member magazines. The features are decent, but it’s the bike pR0n ads that do it for me.

There was a decent review of the Velo Beeline 2. Electric bicycle aside, this has been my best cycling investment in years.

Album of the Day Extra: Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Refused to listen. Turned to the Surrey cricket ball-by-ball feed instead.

I was booked in for the opening day of the Aladdin Sane exhibition at the Southbank. The Sunny Stockwell sun disappeared. Rain emerged. I didn’t fancy a bicycle ride, and so decided to walk it instead.

In my AirPods was the appropriate Streets Ahead podcast. It was depressing listening. The latest episode covers the crappy cutting of the active travel budget in England.

I passed a couple of mudlarkers out along the banks of the Old Father. My route also took me past the Covid Memorial Wall. It was the first time I’ve seen this. It’s quite moving, not so much in appearance, but the sheer scale.

Some tour guide was in full flow opposite Westminster. What was interesting here was that the tour appeared to be happening on bicycles. The guide and all her followers were on the same branded bikes. I like this.

It was shitty around the London Eye with all the tourists. It wasn’t the best idea to take this route with the Easter weekend approaching. I saw some selfie sticks in action. I’d forgotten that these even existed.

I reached the Southbank in time for my booking slot. The exhibition is timed for the 50th anniversary of the release of the Aladdin Sane album. I decided to play Bowie’s finest (possibly) in the AirPods as I wandered around.

This is a great exhibition. You can’t pad out a whole show themed around one iconic photo. Instead the approach is to frame the photo around the times and the social context.

You read and see how album covers first took on a cultural significance after Sergeant Pepper. There’s a classic run of late 60’s and early 70’s artwork on show: Bitches Brew, What’s Going On, erm Led Zep IV. I bloody hate that album and I despise the artwork.

And then you reach a couple of rooms that explain the background and process to the Aladdin Sane photo shoots. There are plenty of negatives blown up to admire. This included a rare Bowie shot from the session with his alien eyes wide open.

I learnt a few things. I wasn’t aware of the Aladdin Flame typography with the little flame icon above the i. That was a nice touch.

Time was a little tight. I walked back via Vauxhall and through the back of the Pleasure Gardens. There was a decent number of floral tributes outside The Tavern for Paul O’Grady – or Paul Grayson if you’re a right wing Tory twat of a Deputy PM.

The June rowing poll landed. I can’t even think, let alone plan for what I’m going to be doing mid-summer. Hopefully it will involve being out on the water at some stage.

I started to listen to an old BBC Great Lives recording. John Motson reflecting on his friend Brian Clough – two absolutes giants.

DISCLAIMER: I’m in no way making the comparison, but Steve Cooper is a year younger than Clough was when he won the Championship at The World Famous City Ground. If Clough was managing in the current age, there’s no way he would have survived his first two seasons at Forest.

Thursdays mean LIDL COUPON DAY. I managed to blag a freebie packet of dried mangos. They tasted rank, but they filled a gap, so to speak.

The Flute Man of SW8 was ‘entertaining’ the staff inside at the Taste Moore chippie. This man is SO energetic. He looks as strong as an ox as he bounces around and dominates the Stockwell landscape.

My route back to the flat took me along Dorset Road. Workmen are busy putting in new infrastructure for the Oval LTN.


Attention turned back to Surrey for the afternoon session up at Old Trafford after the tea interval.

I caught up with GP from the weekend. He had a fantastic half hour tribute to Simon Emmerson: Working Week, EBTG, Afro Celt and The Imagined Village. It was a joyful burst of showcasing Simon’s many talents. Much missed.

BLOGGED: Gladiators to the Rescue with £6.95M Council Budget Gap

The Council claims that the city of #Colchester is on the “cusp of something great”

I headed out to Lion Vibes early evening for another Selecter Thursday session. I dropped into the Rec en route, asking about the fluctuating prices that the Active Lambeth app is showing for a swim.

A very polite Active Lambeth person told me:

“Honestly, we’ve no idea what the prices are…”


Lion Vibes was far more positive. These monthly gathering are proving to be the BEST Thursday night crowd in Brixton. It’s very raw, very DIY. Some of the DJ’s are skilled, other are learning and a little nervous. But it’s a supportive environment with some top tunes being played.

I walked back to the flat. I passed some fella carrying a golf bag along Stockwell Road.


The road that refuses to gentrify may have surrendered.

Links for Thursday 6th April, 2023

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“Quite possibly the most unique character to stalk these filthy streets since the still AWOL (since 2013) Urinating Dwarf of SW8, who is of course not to be confused with the Urinating Man of SW9”

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