Wednesday 5th April, 2023

My first task of the day was to chase my LOVELY camera that hasn’t arrived. The retailer is experiencing ‘operational difficulties.’ Which could mean bloody anything. I’ve been told to expect it now after the Bank Holiday weekend.

I had a quick check on what the same model went for on eBay. I was watching an item last week. It was available to make an offer. I made a reasonable offer. The seller came back with a very rude reply. His camera hasn’t sold.

I show more love when trying to pimp out my cactus on eBay – NOT a euphemism.

Hey hoe.

Like a FOOL I watched the Forest highlights from last night. It was a nervous morning trying to avoid all the alerts across my devices. I decided to avoid Forest Twitter, expecting Cooper to leave the club before lunchtime.

BLOGGED: Ex-Tory Leader Up for Election as LD’s & Lab Battle It Out

“The focus is on the coalition partners of Labour and the Liberal Democrats. Both parties are vying to become the senior partner on the Council”

The March Strava stats dropped. I’ve been quite active, even whilst injured. Strava tells me I’ve had 38 hours of activity, covering a distance of 381km. It’s felt like most of these have been achieved in the pool.

Buzzed: Lambeth proposes to make permanent the School Streets traffic orders for four local schools

“School Streets work by imposing a part-time prohibition on vehicles in proximity to each school’s entry and exit gates.

Residents living within School Streets zones as well as Blue Badge holders who need access are able to apply for an exemption permit.”

I listened to Blod’s D​ä​r Ska Barnet Vara once again. It’s a remarkable album. It’s worth persisting with the hit and miss output of Late Junction when you uncover something as outstanding as this.

The Forest statement came out before lunch.


I confess to shedding a tear or two.

On reflection the Forest statement is very clever. There’s no mention of the timeframe in which Cooper will continue. Until the end of the season? Until after the Villa match on Saturday? I suspect the latter if we lose.

I tried to book some more swims with Active Lambeth. It’s a bloody mess. My Pay and Play membership is now quoting £4.43 for a swim at the Rec, and a whopping £5.15 for Vauxhall.

I was paying £2.80 for both locations before the Active Lambeth switch. That’s a ridiculous price hike of 83% for Vauxhall.

Lambeth Labour love telling the Little People “We’re on your side.”

Yeah, right.

Links for Wednesday 5th April, 2023

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“We ‘decorate’ the car to make people aware that it’s not that you [the owner] are successful or amazing, it’s that you’re a climate criminal who’s fucking over other people.”

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“Many councils don’t have staff with the expertise or experience in housing development they need”

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