Tuesday 4th April, 2023

An email from Active Lambeth early morning to clarify the Vauxhall situation. The claim is that Lambeth are negotiating with GLL to give residents access to Vauxhall at the same rate as other Lambeth leisure centres.

This sounds promising, but it’s a fuck up from the Town Hall. The GLL deal in rebadging Vauxhall as a Lambeth leisure centre (it’s not) was always going to end in a mess whenever Lambeth and GLL fell out.

It seems that I can continue to use my Active Lambeth membership at Vauxhall until it comes to renewal time. If no deal is done then Vauxhall Leisure Centre will follow everything else around the Nine Elms area: a ghetto based on social class.

Album of the Day: Brian Eno – Before And After Science

Eno always interests me. You’re always going to get something interesting from him. It’s not always what you want, but he’s not afraid to experiment. This is really dreamy in places, without straying into hippy shit territory. Here He Comes is gorgeous.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

An FoI response from Lambeth appeared in one of my feeds. It’s possibly a Buzz story, but then it’s probably not. I decided to sit on it and save the information for later. I may be able to crowbar it into a related story, should the situation come along.

BLOGGED: “NONSENSE” – Local Plan Chair Responds to 15 Minute City Claim

“I’ve never had to deal with so much nonsense on social media. ALL NONSENSE”

A bit more BLOGGED: Residents and Councillors unite over Middlewick Ranges

“We will continue to make sure the Conservative government doesn’t sell off Middlewick for house building. The land should be gifted to the city for a nature reserve”

Plus even more BLOGGED: £6k Cost for the Visit of King Charles to Colchester

“We’d love to know what the cheap as chips £74 gift was. The posy for the Queen Consort priced at £70 probably made her day”

I caught up with the Forest fall out from the weekend on BBC Nottingham. It’s looking bleak. REALLY bleak. So much so that I changed my FB profile pic back to the Back the Boss badge. I fear it won’t be so successful this time.

In better news: another Premium Bonds win. I can’t retire, but it will be a most welcome contribution towards the new Olympus camera. I’m on a bit of a Premium Bonds roll right now.

I was free over lunch for a run. I headed out on the King of Clapham Common route once again.

The Flute Man of SW8 had a sound clash going with the rasta window clean on his bike. The culture clash actually worked rather well for the five seconds or so as I ran past them.

I reached Wankerville. You get a different class of window cleaner around SW4. Some well-healed fella riding a cargo bike carrying his window cleaning equipment passed me.

It was beautiful out around the Common. T-shirt weather was in South London for the first time this year.

My calf felt a little sore for the return leg along the Common. It didn’t ping, but it was a nervy run in. I was two minutes faster for the 8km route compared to Sunday.

And then Tuesday evening was all about Forest. I couldn’t listen to the commentary without any other distractions. I put my nerves to use and blitzed the flat with some housework whilst listening to the 2-1 defeat away at Elland Road.

I’ve turned off all notifications on my phone. Each time it pinged I was fearful for Steve Cooper’s future at Forest.

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