Saturday 1st April , 2023

Buzzed: Hondo planning to reduce the height of the Enormo-Tower by building underground at Pope’s Road

“Brixton Buzz also understands that plans for the basement below Pope’s Road includes provision for a private swimming pool. The developer is keen to go head to head with Lambeth over leisure”

I returned to running early on Saturday morning. I’ve taken three weeks off to try and allow my calf injury to recover.

The aim for this morning was to take it as light as possible. I had a gentle jog around two circuits of Larkhall Park.

I was tested as the course was more like a steeplechase. There was a couple of giant puddles to overcome. I’m not getting my new trainers wet for anyone – that includes risking another calf injury.

I managed a very, very short jog injury free. Same again tomorrow.

Next up was the Saturday morning swim. I was booked in at Vauxhall. I thought I’d timed it to avoid other swimmers. Hell is other swimmers etc.

But there was five of us in the fast lane. We somehow managed to all navigate the water space that we wanted.

I had plans to watch Peckham Town later in the afternoon. But that was called off due to waterlogged pitch.

A quick modern interweb search alerted me to Wivenhoe Town playing away at Wood Green. I didn’t fancy the one hour journey up to North London to be honest.

I did have a very kind invite to the London Cargo Bike Festival. That sounded like a fun thing to do on a Saturday morning. I rolled out on the Raleigh 20 and headed up towards Guildhall.

It got off to great start as I crossed Southwark Bridge and passed a cargo bike carrying a dog in the front.


The Cargo Bike Festival was fantastic fun. I think my favourite stall was the guy selling some incredibly cool custom bicycle capes.

I met up with M and S from the Sunny Colch Bike Kitchen. The bicycle FOOLS were taking on the task of building a cargo trike in a day. It was a bit like challenge Anneka.

I took the opportunity to try a couple of cargo bikes. The first was an electric with a very long tail. To my surprise, the length of a tail didn’t get in the way of navigating. And then it was my turn to ride the doggy bike. The steering on that was bonkers.

Whilst I was at the Guildhall, I had a very pleasant half hour looking around the gallery.

The current Guildhall exhibition is called a Big City. There is some fantastic historical and contemporary art pieces, all capturing London and its magnificent blown up form.

The Lord Mayor’s Procession from 1789 was fascinating. The London skyline is made up entirely of churches and St Pauls.

The Guildhall has to be my favourite London art gallery. It’s got a Roman amphitheatre in the basement. Let that sink in: It’s got a bloody Roman amphitheatre theatre in the basement.

I cycled back down towards South London. I ended up back at The Oval to catch the final innings in Surrey’s three day friendly against Middlesex.

The floodlights were on. I was in my seat in time to see Surrey stroll out at the crease. The sun even then made an appearance. One ball later and the Skipper was out for yet another duck.

Oh Rory.

It was bloody cold. I hung around for an hour and a half and listened to the Forest commentary until my iPhone battery died. It didn’t get much better in the second half back in the flat.

I enjoyed watching Chelsea struggle, and then I watched the stream of the Essex Rebels Men’s Div 1 team beat Manchester. It was the last game for Big DAWG before his retirement. He put in an MVP performance.


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