Friday 31st March, 2023

My first task for Friday morning was to compare various camera models and lenses. I was squinting at my screen with bleary eyes. The irony wasn’t lost.

My mind is made up. Now to do the dirty deed. A couple of clicks later and the lens was bought. Now I just need to buy a bloody camera. I like doing things in reverse.

The offer was decent for the lens. I had to blag it there and then. It means that I’m committed to this particular ecosystem – a sentence that I would call out as BOLLOCKS if I ever read it in localgov report.

Serenade Radio was the perfect early morning soundtrack for my spending spree. Route 66 by Jackie Trench and Tony Hatch is far better than Bob’s effort.

I was booked in for a swim at Vauxhall. The pissing rain meant that I made the short walk, rather than cycle it.

A gust of wind blowing down South Lambeth Road lifted my cap off my head. It landed in a great big dirty rain puddle opposite THE cafe.

I hope the Coffee Ponce of SW8 didn’t see me pick up the cap and place it on my balding head once again.

There was four other swimmers in the fast lane at Vauxhall.

Oh dear.

Somehow we all managed to find our rhythm and space. I only had to stop once and pause the Garmin to allow a little extra space between me and the bloke in front.

It was a super fast swim – 19’09” for the 40 lengths.

Our small work team had an external remote meeting mid-morning. Normally I would take care of the personal (shave shirt) but not the external.

We were all set to flick the switch and smile at the client when I realised that my washing hanger with my Y-fronts was in the background.

Brown pants job, etc.

Album of the Day: Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life

Rich and heartfelt vocals – and that’s just the backing. This was the ideal Friday afternoon music to help me wind down ahead of the weekend. Stevie does the message of love far better than The Beatles ever did. Sir Duke is sublime. This would have worked even as an instrumental with the big brass sound leading the way. A little too long to make it to five stars.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I headed out for a hit and miss Sunny Stockwell photo shoot over lunch. I strode with purpose around Larkhall Park, a little up Wandsworth Road, and then back along Clapham Road.

I took in the wonderful Wandsworth Road MIND charity shop. There was a decent fedora hat that I doubt I could pull off. It was a little too tight for my forehead.

The Flute Man of SW8 was wearing a sweatshirt with Violette Szabo printed on the front. This was spectacularly odd. Know your local history, Sunny Stockwell types. The Flute Man of SW8 certainly does.

full flickr

Afternoon listening was the Garibaldi Red preview of the Wolves game tomorrow, followed by BBC Nottingham. I’m extremely worried for Forest right now.

The modern interweb host I’ve been using for over 15 years mailed saying they had been taken over. Cheers, modern interweb host.

I suspected this might be coming. What was once an outstanding service has deteriorated of late. I’m actually hopeful for what the new outfit can provide.

We blagged some kayak storage back in the bloody Estuary Wilds. We were surprised how cheap it is to store the craft down at the old Sailing Club hard. Hopefully it will encourage us to get out more on the water this summer. Dragging them down to the hard is a right pain.

And then Picard.

Make it so.

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