Tuesday 28th March, 2023

An early morning invite to access Google Bard. I gave it a brief test. The quality of the responses are no match for Chat GPT. Can’t you tell by the outstanding sentence structure of this diary entry?

Buzzed: Lambeth’s Labour Cabinet adopts Borough Plan – despite Green party criticism over lack of resident consultation

“170 staff were involved in producing this Plan. How much did it cost? Does it make any difference to residents?”

A bit more Buzzed: Homes for Lambeth limps on with the Labour Cabinet head nodding through another £9m for the failed Council owned company

“Communities are being split up and that demolitions should be the last resort”

Album of the Day: Gang of Four – Entertainment

I loved the bass playing on this. Add in the guitars that poke you in the face, plus some personal and political crossover in the lyrics, and you’ve got a great album.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Album of the Day Extra: Buzzcocks – Another Music In a Different Kitchen

I want to have Fast Cars played at my funeral: “I HATE FAST CARS.” They’ll probably be the death of me, actually. There’s some great melodies and harmonising here. It’s on par with the Beach Boys. Seriously.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

A day trip to Weird Wiv.


It was most odd travelling against the flow of commuters out of LS at 7:15am. Only dead fish swim with the tide, etc.

I listened to the Never Strays Far Milan-San Remo podcast. A Spring Classic Monument seemed like a long way away as the Greater Anglia train rattled through Witham.

It was my first time back in Weird Wiv for over three weeks. Within five minutes I had bumped into K from rowing, and then M and his charming dog.

I wanted to rush home to see Dotty. Oh, and Daisy, plus A as well. Both cats were all over me throughout the morning. Diet Girl Daisy looked good.

The house is still CARNAGE. We’re waiting for the scaffolding to come down. Some external painting needs to be completed, plus also internally as well as a major tidy up. My OCD could handle a day trip, but nothing more.

If I’m away for another three weeks then I may miss the wisteria explosion. The buds are already starting to form. This is strange given the recent run of dull weather.

Most of the morning was spent on catching up on chores. We managed to SPLAT Daisy with the Stronghold syringe. Dotty was wise to what was to come and did a runner.

The stupid as shit smart thermostat was a pain. It’s dropped the modern interweb connection again. Not so smart now, eh?

I disconnected it from the router, reinstalled the crappy app, and even created a new account. But it’s still not talking to the WiFi. After half an hour I gave up. When tech doesn’t work, walk away.

Some CD catching up took place. In my absence The Postman had Delivered: Four Tom Waits, Uncle Joe, James Taylor and, erm. Cream.

My Surrey Membership pack had also arrived. The club has gone with a dark green livery this year. I was only starting to get use to the duck egg, or whatever poncey colour they liked to brand it as.

The connector unit for the bass to iPhone also arrived. I played around with it for a short while. It wasn’t a crisp, clear recording connection working in Voice Record Pro. I switched to the native Voice Memo and that sounded workable.

The plan is to lay down some bass parts, and then import these into GarageBand for the beats. I may even send them over to R and see what else he can add to them.

We both spent a little too long on a wild camera hunt. A bought a beautiful Ricoh model right before we moved to Weird Wiv in 2010. We’ve not seen it since. It got lost in the house move.

The few possible remaining locations were turned over. Nope. Not there. No worries. That’s made my mind up. Gonna buy a new Olympus Pen F, innit.

The return of Wiff Waff at the Table of Dreams was postponed. The Weird Wiv pissing down weather put an end to that.

Instead we headed out for a late lunch at the local Syrian cafe. It was LUSH.

We carried on for a brief Quayside walk, before I buggered off back to Sunny Stockwell once again.

I listened to the first two SAULT albums of last year on the journey back to LS. They’re both very short. Half an hour max is the ideal album running time for me.

News dropped of Primal Scream and the Mary Chain at Crystal Palace in August. I’m half tempted with this.

I watched the England U-21 match, having been led to believe that Morgan Gibbs-White was starting. He was benched. I soon lost interest.

Spot of the day: Electric Bromptons. Everywhere in Ldn, both early morning and evening.

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