Friday 24th March, 2023

A school day in SW9.

I was greeted in the playground shortly before 9am and asked if I fancied a trip to Buckingham Palace.


I was half-tempted, but my dress sense said no. I politely turned down The King and the other hangers on in favour of more fun in the SW9 school instead.

A reward for some stellar guided reading was for Boy Y to choose a YT song for the class to sing at the end of the morning session.

He came up with some Justin Timberlake nonsense.

“Sir, what is your favourite Justin Timberlake song?”

…asked Boy Y.

Erm, this one.

A mid-morning food tech session was spent preparing the most glorious full English breakfast. Most of the recipes during these sessions are healthy and from all corners of the globe. But every now and then you just need to say: TUCK IN.

It was a decent day in SW9. I love the Friday staff morale around that place.

Album of the Day: Talking Heads – Remain in Light

Only Once in a Lifetime stood out here for me. Listening Wind was hypnotic, but hardly a game changer. I’m not sure what all the hype is about with Talking Heads. This sounds like it could have been recorded anytime between 1980 and 2000. You can’t date them because they don’t have a style. I rather like style.

⭐ ⭐

I finally managed to pick up a cheapo copy of Michelle Shocked’s Short Sharp Shocked album on CD. I’ve been after this for months. Prices start at around £10 and often stray up to £30.

For some reason one appeared on eBay with a Buy It Now for £3. Don’t mind if I do.

I also landed a little later Uncle Joe Strummer’s Rock Art and the X-Ray Style for another bargain price of £2.

The eBay mails threw up Paddy Mcaloon’s I Trawl the Megahertz at a reasonable price of £8. This is another on the WANT list, but I’m not prepared to pay the silly prices. I dithered over £8, but decided to keep the cheapo search going.

I had some GP and Drum ‘n’ Bass Show catching up whilst working throughout the evening. If you include the name Charlie T in ANY D & B track then Charlie T on R1 will drop it.

How does that work?