Thursday 23rd March, 2023

A new Forest podcast to start the day. It’s a club endorsed and produced official pod as well. I haven’t listened, and probably won’t. The whole point of podcasts for me are as an alternative point of view.

There’s similarities here with the rise of fanzines in the late ’80s. They were radical and didn’t give a shit about upsetting people within the club whenever this was needed.

My podcast feed is already overcrowded. Good luck to the squeaky clean production of On And Off the Pitch. I can live without a podcast telling me why Forest as an organisation are so bloody good.

Album of the Day: Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous

All metal is shit, right? Apart from Thin Lizzy. I was going to write some snark such as Live and Dangerous? Live and Limp, more like. But this is half decent for a genre I don’t give a stuff about. OK, so it may not actually be live. *shhhhh* Neither was The Style Council’s Home and Abroad. And that was bloody awful. I’d take Thin Lizzy over that, any day.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

It was a windy ride through Brixton and towards Herne Hill for a school day in SE21. I passed the charming indie bicycle shop on the HH side of Brockwell Park. There’s a CHPT3 Brompton on centre display in the window. It looked LUSH.

Want. Can’t afford.

The school day flashed by. I made the fashion faux pass of wearing the KRONK sweatshirt that Boy Y goes crazy for. As soon as he clocked me in it he was all over me. No irony that a PSHE lesson later focussed on the importance of personal space.

Mid-morning was spent helping to cook some vegetable samosas. Or rather mid-morning was spent watching the pupils taste the ingredients for vegetable samosa, rather then prepare them ahead of cooking them.

There was a fire alarm practice shortly after lunch. I was in the gents washing my hands for what felt like the tenth time of the day already.

I managed to blag an afternoon trip out to Dulwich Park with one of the primary classes. One young fella was celebrating his birthday. The kids were more into watching the pigeons than watching the ducks.

Chat GPT wasn’t playing fairly for me throughout the working day. I had to y’know, write, all proper like.

I managed to beat the S Ldn rain on the bicycle ride back to base.

An email from The Globe: We would love to hear your thoughts on Titus Andronicus.

You wouldn’t. Trust me.

There was also some snail mail from the Mayor, advising that South Lambeth Road is on schedule for 20mph in September. Goodo. But best of luck in policing that, fella.

BLOGGED: Tories scramble for Fresh Faces after Crushing Defeat

“Will Quince would just LOVE to have a backseat driver role at the Town Hall”

I skipped the silly Hundred auction. I don’t give a shit. GO AWAY, silly Hundred.

Most of Thursday evening was spent following a Special Council Meeting back in the bloody Estuary Wilds.

A bit more BLOGGED: Political Rivals Find Common Ground over Garden Village

“Joint LD & Tory Amendment passed unanimously on the future of the Tendring Borders Garden Community. It allows for the Council to put the plans out for public consultation”

Some FaceTime with A followed. I received an update on the builders situation. My Transpontine holiday by mistake looks like it is being extended.

Links for Thursday 23rd March, 2023

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