Wednesday 22nd March, 2023

A day of admin and chores. I joined the Google Bard waiting list. I asked Chat GPT how long this might take. Chat GPT politely didn’t give a stuff.

The rowing poll for May dropped. We’re talking double dipping with tide and time allowing for two rows across some days in May. Factor in the two boat club, and there are plenty of opportunities. Except I don’t think I’ll be around much.

Album of the Day: The La’s – The La’s

I’ve never understood the hype about this album – both at the time of its release and in the present. It’s been mythologised as some gold standard. That’s what happens when you only record one album and then split. It’s decent enough, but far from the level of adoration it generates. There was a time when There She Goes Goes got released every September it seemed. That did me nut in.

⭐ ⭐

I was free at lunchtime for an hour. I set out on a random Sunny Stockwell walk with the f717. In my ears I caught up with a very old Bike Show podcast that has been hiding in my phone for a few years: Modern Bikes – Are They Rubbish?

Of course not. Horses for courses, bikes for likes etc. I ride new and old bicycles, depending on the need. The Raleigh electric is perfect for long hauls with no hassle but I wouldn’t want to leave it locked out side Brixton Rec. Here’s where the Raleigh 20 comes in handy. And vice versa.

I ended up at the Christ Church charity shop along Brixton Road. Fancy that. Last time I had a shifty around there was a decent selection of CD’s up for grabs.

Today was no different. I walked out with some Neil Young, Gregory Isaacs, Stereolab, Pulp and Chumbawamba. There was also some Velvets, Japan and Bowie’s Low – all of which I’ve already got. It made a change from the usual charity shop selection of Boyzone, Simple Red and Celine bloody Dion.

full flickr

Work duties were light for the afternoon. I had the Partyman Privileges Committee on in the background. The older Sir Bernard gets, the more he doesn’t give a shit. He’s got no one in his party he needs to impress. I get the impression his paymasters now are his constituents. Now there’s a novel idea.

I watched a stream from the Fair City with the Essex Rebels BUCS team playing in the Championship Final. They were in the game up until the HT buzzer, but then faded away.

It was interesting seeing some of the fringe players for the Rebels WBBL team dominating on the court and getting plenty of game time.

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