Monday 20th March, 2023

Buzzed: Cyclists of all abilities unite at ThunderCross: a day of inclusive competition and muddy fun at Herne Hill Velodrome

“ThunderCross had two race categories – Thunder and Lightning – that featured gender-neutral names, making it an inclusive and radical approach to race competition.”

A FREE Lidl doughnut is now the highlight of my birthday celebrations. My phone pinged with the Lidl app inviting me to pick up a freebie at some some in the next 24 hours.

Another birthday invite was some snail mail from Lambeth asking if I want to take part in a Citizen’s Panel. Up for consideration is the future of the land at the loss making Pop Brixton.

What’s the chuffing point? We all know it’s going to be a stitch up with yet more private housing.

TEN day long sessions are required of your time if you want to join the panel. I’m all for a Co-operative Council approach, but that’s taking the piss, Comrades.

No ta.

The birthday swim was decent. Another super fast forty lengths in 19’18”, or 1’55” per 100m. I decided to celebrate in the sauna. It was full and I couldn’t blag a space.

One of the lifeguards was busy chatting up a customer wearing a bikini using very suggestive language. I’ve been out of the dating game for too long.

It was most unprofessional and made me feel uneasy. The young lady seemed to enjoy the attention, so I turned a blind eye.

I stopped off at Lidl for the freebie doughnut on the bicycle journey home. The cycling racks are not only up and running once again, but they are busy and are being used.

I felt vindicated for snitching on the budget German supermarket for breaking the Planning requirements and replacing the racks with shitty car parking spaces.

There was a spare hour in the afternoon for a brief walk. I headed out roughly in the direction of Larkhall Park with my camera.

The SW8 air was heavy with the scent of Spring Equinox blossom. The grass at Larkhall had received its first mow of the season.

A couple of runners passed. I’ve missed pounding the mean streets over the past week because of my injury. It may be ready for a return. Plus I’m bored shitless with swimming every day.

full flickr

The daily eBay emails highlighted a Ridley Oval track bike – the exact same model that I am trying to replace. I regret selling my original over a decade ago. This was collection only from Birmingham.

Both Garibaldi Red and BBC Nottingham were painful early evening listening following the Forest fall out from Friday night.

I’m very pessimistic. I think we’re fucked.

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