Friday 17th March, 2023

Buzzed: 15 schools in Lambeth fail to set a balanced budget with danger of the General Fund writing off the losses

“Some deficits may only be resolvable through radical changes to individual schools, including academisation or closure”

BLOGGED: Secure Cycle Park, eBikes & Eco-Friendly Progress

“It’s a refreshing change to the stalled cycling projects that have failed in the past. It shows that where there is a genuine cross-party political will, policy can be put in place that offers up genuine positive changes for residents”

Album of the Day: Blur – Parklife

I’m not sure I really need to listen Parklife again. Everything is so familiar. It’s probably in my most played top 10 in iTunes, not to mention the endless CD plays going back over the decades. But whereas others on that list (HELLOOO Beatles) I can always return to, I’m not so sure about Parklife. It really was of its time. That time was full of fun and opportunities. It kinda all worked out OK. Girls and Boys is a brilliant disco rom; End of a Century is a little emotional. Bank Holiday gives you a good kicking. It’s a four star album, reflecting not what I feel right now, but for what it has offered to me over the years.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

It was launch day for the various Surrey kits ahead of the new season. It seems that new formats of the game are invented these days purely as a marketing excuse to introduce yet another crappy kit to flog.

“The kits take inspiration from the iconic areas surrounding The Kia Oval, focusing on the gasholder and the shape of the historic ground.”

Marketing turns everything into shite. Except the Forest Trent Bridge inspired kit of course.

Some work changes coming down the line from SE21 dropped. This could be interesting. It could also be something of a pain to manage. I predict apathy – not from me – tbh.

To Vauxhall! In the rain! I decided to walk it down S Lambeth Rd for the lunchtime swim at my Nu Fave Pool.

I say my Nu Fave Pool – it ain’t’ great for space. There’s probably only room for three people max to have a comfortable work out in the fast lane.

There was four swimmers, including a butterfly bully boy when I rocked up for my pre-booked slot. I decided to sit it out and wait for some space. Fifteen minutes later and I was away.

It was actually good timing. The swimming momentum led to three of us sharing the space, all equally paced. I only had to pause once to allow one other fella press on ahead of me. My Garmin time for forty lengths was once again well under twenty minutes with 19’38” clocked up.

I had a little time to arse around in the steam room and spa, and then a walk back down South Lambeth Road. The Sunny Stockwell sun made an appearance; it felt like spring had sprung.

The swim knocked me out for a while. I had work and other shit to do in the flat. It was quite an effort to remain active for the rest of the afternoon.

I played the Flock of Seagulls third album. It’s not a Go To record, but The More You Live is very underrated.

BLOGGED: Revving Up for Change: Council Considers Idling Fines

“The Environment and Sustainability Panel is meeting on March 21st to discuss whether to fine drivers who idle their engines outside schools”

I drifted into the latest Picard.

And then switched to Forest.

Texts were pinged back and forth with the Newcastle supporting R. We did float the idea of meeting up to watch the match. But we’d probably end up punching each other.

Fuck it.