Wednesday 15th March, 2023

Album of the Day: Deep Purple – Machine Head

Bailed after the first track. Shocking, awful sound.

Buzzed: Lambeth Council keeps Myatts Fields settlement amount secret while residents suffer for over a decade

“Lambeth Council’s belief in the free market to provide housing has once again been exposed as a failure”

A bit more Buzzed: Lambeth Council criticised for skyrocketing parking charges with claims they are hitting low-income residents hardest

“Despite Lambeth Council’s claim that this is about fighting pollution, the most extensive percentage hikes are for low-emission cars”

To Vauxhall! …to start the day. The short bicycle ride to My New Fave Pool was characterised by more cyclists and more pedestrians along South Lambeth Road.

Tube strike day, innit.

The days of three deep at the bus stop on tube strike days are long gone. I remember back in the days of Bob Crow when my commute to work on a tube strike day took on military planning the night before.

I get the impression that anyone who still has to head to town for the day job simply sighs and calls a wfh day.

The swim was the best yet at Vauxhall. There was only two of us in the fast lane. We were evenly balanced, touching down at opposite ends of the pool for each length. I even managed to fit in ten minutes of steam ahead of work commitments.

A pinged from the bloody Estuary Wilds. It was weighing day for Diet Girl Daisy at the vets. We knew she had lost weight, but not that much. Half a kg. Woh. Way to go, Daisy. The trick now is to keep her at this weight.

To the Enterprise Cafe!… at lunchtime. Or more to the point, To Herne Hill!

The charming sixth form students in SW9 takeover a local community space once a month and host a cafe for the community. I was on photo and video shooting duties.

It was fantastic. The young folk took their responsibilities very seriously. You could see how they thrived in a professional setting away from the school. It was decent that the local residents came out to show their support as well.

I couldn’t hang around long. I cycled back through Brixton. I passed the old school Preacher fella who pre-dates my time around these parts. He’s the only memorable face from 1995 that it is still around.

Over in Sunny Stockwell and the Flute Man of SW8 was staging a lunchtime recital along the Clapham Road. I managed to avoid his attention and headed for Lidl instead.

That nice Mike Urban and I pissed ourselves online over the accusation that Buzz is part of the LibDem clickbait mafia.

I was rather laid back about this. Repeat the allegation face to face with that nice Mike Urban and you might get a different response.

The modern interweb is WEIRD.

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