Tuesday 24th March, 2023

BLOGGED: Colchester Town Deal: Level Up or Trip Up?

“There is a concern on the delayed St Nicholas Square project. There is also a worry over the failure to achieve necessary land acquisition in Greenstead”

Album of the Day: Pantera – Vulgar Display Of Power

Refused to listen.

Buzzed: HfL swallows up £13m extra of Council coffers with the Lambeth owned company resorting to shifty tactics to avoid legal action from homeowners

“The failed HfL wants to push ahead with plans for Fenwick Place without risk of resident injunctions”

A bit more Buzzed: The failed Homes for Lambeth begs for yet more public funds with the redevelopment of Roman Rise at Central Hill now costing an extra £9m

“It is clear that HFL is limping along ahead of a final public execution, with no solid plan for the future of the homes they are supposed to be developing”

Meanwhile, back in the bloody Estuary Wilds:

BLOGGED: Election Delay Puts Garden Community Project at Risk

“The delay could put the Housing Infrastructure Funding agreement with Homes England at risk”

I sometimes don’t know if am the hyperlocal [URGH] Arthur or Martha.

The Wu-Lu Loggerhead album was the mid-morning listening. This passed me by. It pulls off the tricky task of being a contemporary urban sound that isn’t afraid to add guitars. Good effort.

To Vauxhall! …once again for the lunchtime swim. I’ve got the Vauxhall swimming routine down to a fine art. You always needs a routine when swimming: where to get changed, where to leave your bag, the order of where to place the items you will need post-swim in the correct position.

I’m know what I’m doing now at Vauxhall and I very much like what I’m doing.

There was only two of us in the fast lane at lunchtime. It’s still a little tight, but far far better than the freezing cold Brixton Rec.

The other swimmer seemed strong. He caught me up after around ten lengths and so I let him pass. I then pushed off, only then to slow down to about 60% of my capacity.


He had slowed down considerably and was blocking me. I wasn’t prepared to let this get in the way of the highlight of my day. I stopped at the other end of the pool and let him gain a full length on me. It was enough to see me through thirty more lengths without any lane jam.

I was free late afternoon for some S Ldn snapping.

To Bankside! It was that kind of afternoon: blue skies with the odd fluffy cloud loitering – perfect for photography.

I cycled on the Raleigh 20 around the backstreets of SE11. There was a healthy gathering of elderly blokes playing pétanque in the Pleasure Gardens. I passed the Vauxhall Tea Theatre. It felt good to be back in the civilised world.

I locked up the 20 by the RFH and strode off with a purpose. That purpose was for a hit and miss photo session down by the banks of the Old Father.

I love this way of working. There’s no time to think or consider about each shot.


Then you move along.

Some are hit, most are miss. I get my best shots on the fly.

I took a a few photos of random people. Naughty, naughty, yes. This Martin Parr style is far from piss easy.

I stumbled into the Tate Modern on the return leg. I didn’t have any purpose, apart from a brief look at the current Turbine Hall installation. Cecilia Vicuna’s Brain Forest amused me.

In my AirPods was the latest Deserter pubcast. The boys were taking in the boozers around the backstreets of Borough. It suited my location. Listening to Deserter always makes me want to BOOZE.

Full flickr

I caught up with the Seaford fucking Mods album launch show in the evening. I’ve only just got the UK Grim / UK Grime reference.

I tried to get excited about watching the Man City game, but it was hardly a contest. I switched to Voyager bingeing on Netflix instead.

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