Monday 13th March, 2023


I slept through the wind last night. It was a bit of a shock to see a tree down opposite the flat. Schools kids on scooters and pedestrians had to carefully navigate on to South Lambeth Road.

I use to love adverse weather conditions; snow drifts, gales, lightening: BRING IT ON. Now I worry about roofs blowing off.

BLOGGED: Battle of the Cultural Quarter with Elections Looming

“ECC claims to be developing a fresh masterplan to revive the area. The land grab by Cllr Bentley and his Tory chums is a well timed. It was the Cultural Quarter Wot Won It”

The New Cue had a recommendations list from Jason Williamson of Sleaford fucking Mods. His choices included Flock of Seagulls, Soft Cell’s Non Stop albums and TSC’s Our Favourite Shop.

This resonated:

“I had it as a kid, obviously, bought it when it came out. There was a lot of resentment, wasn’t there, when Weller split The Jam. I remember walking into town on a Saturday to get their first single, Speak Like A Child, on 7-inch with a friend who was a die-hard Jam fan, same age as me, but he had this red Harrington on, Dr Martens and he was really angry. ‘This single better be fucking good!’ These are ten year-old year kids. That passion.”

The ONS mailed. It looks like the Covid shit survey is being wound day. Oh Well. One paddle board, two pairs of running shoes, a pair of football boots, a rowing bag and a poncey pair of rowing gloves later.

It’s been a good run in ONS Covid shit vouchers, ta very much.

Album of the Day: Cream – Disraeli Gears

Jack Bruce’s bass playing on this album is brilliant. It bounces along, keeping all the mystical hippy shit tight, stopping it from straying into never, never fairy land. There are some strong songs, but even at 38 minutes, there’s not quite enough to make it outstanding throughout.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I had some fiddly backend tinkering for the Chronic. I decided to disable comments by default.

But wait! What’s this? It seems that WordPress now doesn’t allow you to disable comments in bulk across all posts. You can only do this retrospectively moving forwards. Which is shit.

I had to install the snippet plugin which has a handy feature to disable all comments. Go. Be gone.

Work was disturbed by the continuing winds around Sunny Stockwell. Monday is bin day around these parts. Monday was also a day where the bins left out by the bin men got blown down South Lambeth Road.

I was free at lunchtime once again for a swim in my Nu Fave Pool.

OH HAI Vauxhall.

My Vauxhall experience gets better and better. Pardon the pun; the pimping out of the pool to Better comes to a close at the end of the month with Lambeth.

I put in forty lengths in the fast lane. Once again, I ducked under twenty minutes.

I’m in an uncomfortable position where I am a few strokes off the pace of the other swimmers in the fast lane, but I would eat up everyone else in the middle lane.

I had a little time to spend in a spa. I had a decent chat with one woman who comes to Vauxhall every day from Chelsea. She says this is the best experience she has pool and spa wise anywhere in South London. Quite a claim.

I had a few more tech issues back at base. One of the email forwarders had died. I know this because it is the primary email account I rely upon each day. Nothing was coming through.

There’s always a work around to find a method to beat the modern interweb. I used a non Gmail or Hotmail account to get my inbound communications working once again.

To Pimlico!

I had a spare couple of hours. I felt lucky on a charity shop trawl. You always get a better class of return in Pimlico compared to say Streatham. No offence, Streatham pals.

I did baulk at the idea of buying some FUCK OFF cowboy boots however. What kind of twat actually wears these?

The CD search was a little thin on the ground. I came out with a couple of Anita Bakers, Womack and Womack and some JJ Cale.

Early evening was spent listening to another Garibaldi Reds podcast, as well as the BBC Nottingham fall out from the weekend.

I’m starting to think that Forest are going down.

Oh dear.

Links for Monday 13th March, 2023

“When Facebook launches their Twitter replacement, will they pay us to write for them, or is it the same old bullshit model where we work for free like hamsters spinning the wheels”

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