Saturday 11th March, 2023

BLOGGED: Council Partners Reject New City Status Board

“Partners are resisting the establishment of a new City Status Board. They argue that the necessary structure is already in place. Protectionism is alive and well in Britain’s First City”

A return to running on Saturday morning. I allowed two weeks for my fucked up calf muscle to mend. I’ve been bouncing around town and generally putting my injury through its paces. All seemed fine.

It was a case of Nu Running Shoes Ahoy! I’ve not has the chance to try out the Decathlon trainers than the ONS very kindly paid for last month.

I took it very steady around the King of Clapham Common route. This feels fine. Keep on pressing, keep on pushing.


Oh shit.

The calf went again at the halfway stage. I should have been sensible and limped in back to the flat. But I had things to do and wanted to get a shifty on. Logical as ever, Jase.

Also not exactly showing common sense on Saturday morning around Clapham was some geezer running bare chested. wtf?

I reached Clapham North on the return leg and the slight pain seemed to become even slighter. Maybe my tolerance to the soreness had settled down?

Still, I made it back to Sunny Stockwell in a reasonable time. I’ll have to take another two weeks off any running, football and circuit training again.


It has got me down not being able to be active of late. It looks like swimming it is for the next few weeks.

To Vauxhall!

I had a booking for a swim at the fancy leisure centre.

You know you’re entering a fancy leisure centre when there is a shoe rack and you are politely asked to remove your footwear before entering the wet side. This must mean that there are no puddles of piss, as is the case back at Brixton Rec.

In fact the floor was actually heated. Blimey.

The swim itself was very good. The lanes are rather narrow. We had four swimmers at one stage in the fast lane. I had to pause occasionally when some of the super fit bright young things of Vauxhall came steaming past.

The touchdown at each end was incredibly high. This is a pool that has been built with tumble turners in mind.

I managed 1km in an impressive time of 19’15” – a pace of 1’55’ per 100m.

What’s the water equivalent of Chapeau!?

I arsed around a little in the spa. There was a strict time limit, even for early Saturday morning.

The whole Vauxhall experience was very much like a private pool than a local authority run centre – which isn’t too far from the truth, no matter what Lambeth try and claim.

It’s only a three minute bicycle ride from the flat. I’ll be back.

I stopped off at Lidl, via Palfrey Place. I passed a cargo bike carrying a bloke in the front luggage. The planters along Fentiman Road are being put in as part of more LTN infrastructure.


There was some decent new street art at Palfrey Place. This has passed me by since we moved out of Dorset Road.

Some cricket planning ahead of the new season took place over lunchtime. I’m going to max out my Membership for the Championship, as well as taking in the sprinkling of Royal London matches that will take place at The Oval.

The Blast and the silly Hundred can do one this year.

To Dulwich! …mid-afternoon. This was the first time I have made it to see the men at Champion Hill this season. I must have the most expensive season ticket in London on a match by match price basis.

I decided to travel on the 185, rather than ride over to Champion Hill. Rain was forecast for a little later in the afternoon.

The 185 was fine, up until it came to an abrupt halt along Camberwell New Road. A bus in front had collided with a motorcyclist. We were asked to leave our bus.

I had a brief look at the scene as I walked towards Camberwell. It didn’t look too promising.

There was still a queue to get into the ground as the game kicked off. My plan was to do a photo walk, and then try and find a quiet spot to enjoy the rest of the game.

I had a brief chat with M who has been coming up with some fantastic Dulwich snaps for Buzz. I was then spotted by the always excellent OEG. He called me over and we spent the rest of the game together talking about the lido, AI and reaching a certain age where you don’t give a shit about anything.

The conversation was far more rewarding than the Forest commentary that was b0rked on the shitty Forest app.

Dulwich were poor for 80 minutes, and then electric for the final 10. Havant and Waterlooville (one team) had a player sent off soon after kick off. They then took the lead with a breakaway goal.

Dulwich equalised whist I was suffering in the cattle tray that serves as a urinal. They scored a winner late, late into added time.

I bumped into J-o briefly whilst we were both waiting for buses back to Camberwell. I’ve not had a chat with the Hamlet Historian in years. It was good to see him again.

I was back at base in time to watch the Notts home win against Dorking. Paris Nice highlights followed, and then early to bed.

Wot No MOTD?

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