Wednesday 8th March, 2023

I wasn’t expecting snow to wake up to on Wednesday morning – albeit some very lame S Ldn snow.

My early morning reading was catching up with some Forest RSS action. I’ve let this slip over the past few days.

Paul Taylor behind the Athletic paywall comes close to comparing Brennan and Morgan GW with Harry Kane and Son Heung-min.


Album of the Day: The Smiths – Strangeways Here We Come

The Smiths had pretty much run out of steam by ’87. There’s little of the original anger passion from the first three albums here. You can see why Strangeways was the album that ended it all. Marr’s music is stronger than Morrissey’s lyrics. A few gems poke through – Girlfriend in a Coma is great. But otherwise it’s not the first Smiths albums you reach for, if indeed you reach for any these days.

⭐ ⭐

A complete musical change came with the return of Gilles Peterson. I’ve missed him over the past few weeks whilst he’s been away from 6Music. He had a Wayner Shorter two hour tribute. It sent me searching for Wayne Shorter CD’s online. There’s not much change out of twenty quid.

Buzzed: Lambeth has third highest volume of violent crime in London with Brixton Town Centre recording 354 offences in the past year

“Lambeth had the third highest volume of Violence with Injury offences in London in the past year. Brixton Town Centre recorded the highest volume of 354 offences. This is followed by Waterloo and Southbank with 290 and 233 in Clapham Town.

Knife Crime in Lambeth experienced an increase of 28.1%, making Lambeth the second highest borough for Knife Crime in the Capital.”


BLOGGED: Welcome to the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss?

“Cllr Chris Pearson has been confirmed as the new head of Colchester Labour Group after winning the election following the departure of former leader Adam Fox.”


BLOGGED: Scrutiny Report Claims All is Fine and Dandy at Town Hall

The Panel discussed concerns regarding reductions to Neighbourhood Services, including plans to charge for garden waste collection. Panel members asked for more info as to which jobs would be lost”

Oh the irony of being back in Sunny Stockwell, yet still bashing out blog posts about Sunny Colch.

I finally watched a YT short that the nice Mike Urban sent my way. He often takes the piss out of my f717 cam love. He’ the reason I bought my first model twenty years ago.

Back in the bloody Estuary Wilds and F revealed details of her new record shop in Weird Wiv. Good luck, girl. I should be around for the opening next month with some pocket money to spend.

I was booked in at Brixton Rec once again for a swim over luncheon. It was too BEASTLY to cycle the short distance along Stockwell Road. I walked it instead.

I passed some fella wearing a Liverpool jacket that was probably last seen on the shoulders of Graeme Souness when he was the manager at Anfield.

The changing rooms at the Rec REEKED of piss. That’s it. I’m done with.

Better / GLL are winding down ahead of being booted out by Lambeth at the end of the month. The company doesn’t give a shit about the Rec. It remains to be seen if ‘Active Lambeth’ takes any more interest.

Once I managed to dodge suspiciously looking wet puddles on the floor, I finally made it into the pool. The not so good vibrations could be heard underwater once again.

I had a lane to myself and actually enjoyed the forty lengths. I clocked a time twenty seconds faster than yesterday, with a pace of two minutes per 100 metres.

I walked back down Stockwell Road and towards Lidl. The Flute Man of SW9 was on his Clapham Road island, looking a little wet, but still blowing away in his attempt to stop the traffic.

I was surprised to see an open top tourist bus cruising down South Lambeth Road. I LOVE this patch, but there’s not a great deal going off in terms of tourism tbh. The open top bus was empty, natch.

I listened to the latest Streets Ahead podcast in the afternoon. It was an excellent choice with Mums for Lungs talking about the benefits of the ULEZ.

We had an all hands agency webinar. The company is celebrating its 21st birthday this month. I’m very proud to say that I have been on board pretty much from the start.

Wednesday evening was spent back on Chronic duty following a Cabinet meet back in Sunny Colch:

BLOGGED: Politicians Play Game Game Over Hythe Flooding

“Council Leader, LibDem Councillor Dave King responded that the responsibility for the Task Force did not rest with them. He was happy to refresh it if MP Will Quince wanted to play a role.”

Paris Nice highlights and the lolspurs match followed.