Saturday 4th March, 2023

Dotty appeared with a mouse during the early hours. I was too deep in my sleeping beauty routine to do anything about it.

I didn’t see the cats at all during the rest of the night through until dawn. I didn’t see the mouse either throughout the rest of the day.

BLOGGED: Council Spends £205k on Rowan House Refurbishment and £157,000 on e-cargo bikes

“Colchester City Council is set to discuss the Capital Monitoring Report for Quarter 3 of 2022/23 at the Governance and Audit Committee Meeting on Tuesday, March 7th at 6pm at Town Hall.

SEXY, but relevant when it comes to tightening the purse strings at the Town Hall.”

Dry Cleaning dropped details of a new live cassette. I immediately alerted R. He got lucky a couple of summers ago whilst we were on a music spend, picking up Goodnight Sweet Princess on cassette for £15. Offers then came in for £75…

I cycled off to the pool for a Saturday morning swim. There was light drizzle. This wasn’t forecast. It made for a delicate ride on the Brompton and the poncey wafer thing tan wall tyres.

The water was warm. I would have bemoaned this only a couple of years ago. But my winter swimming days at Lake Brockwell now seem like a lifetime ago.

Another forty lengths were ticked off. I was paced by another fella who was also half decent in the water. His freestyle was around two strokes per length slower than mine. It was a cat and mouse friendly forty lengths that worked out well for both of us.

The aqua aerobics crowd rocked up. I retreated to the spa.

Robert Elms had a radio themed four-fer mid morning. One listener requested Jonathan Richman’s Roadrunner.


A left-field selection was Latin Quarter’s Radio Africa. Blimey. I’d forgotten all about that. It still sounded fresh.

The Stones’ Satisfaction was another odd choice. Not quite as odd though as an ex-music teacher introducing it to some SEN kids back in the day job. They bloody loved it though.

If you want your song to get radio play then include radio in the lyrics. Thank fuck no one requested bloody Queen.

The Postman Delivers: Some Eno and Monk. My musical tastes are definitely maturing.

To Broad Lane! …mid-afternoon. Wivenhoe Town had a home fixture against Wormley. I know nothing of Wormley.

I also know little about the Thurlow Nunn League Division One South. The Dragons are in a relegation battle by mistake. That completely passed me by.

It was bloody freezing at Broad Lane. I was wearing five layers, yet still couldn’t get warmed up.

Despite the league position, there’s still a hardcore of Dragons fans sticking with the team. This includes a small hipster enclave from the University.

It’s great to see the students there. That was me 33 season ago. Saturday afternoon entertainment on campus must be limited.

The visitors took the lead in the first half and then shut up shop. A Wormley player suffered a very bad injury in the second half. It requited the stretcher to be brought on.

The game lost a little energy after that. The best it got was being able to report that the floodlights weren’t needed for the first time this year. This is also a reminder that Wivenhoe are running out of games if they want to avoid pub football next season.

A 1-0 win for Wormley. Oh well.

To the University! …straight after full time. The Rebels had another double header with the Men’s Div 3 and Div 1 teams both playing.

I arrived in time to see the final five minutes of the Div 3 team. They came from behind to put in an impressive 89-81 home court win.

The five minutes of basketball were more exciting than the entire 90 minutes of football at Broad Lane. I becoming such a BALLER type of guy.

There was an hour to spare ahead of the Div 1 tip off. I set off on a Wivenhoe Park walk, with fading light. The short route was my old running circuit from over three decades ago.

The park is almost unrecognisable now with so many new developments. It’s still a half decent environment in which to study.

I was back at the Sports Arena ahead of the Div 1 men tipping off against Bradford Dragons. I liked the playing of the Star Wars Death March to greet the away team.

Rebels were poor. They slipped to a 98-60 home court defeat.

Oh dear.